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Saliva Test Results...detailed list of levels.

May 20, 2008 - 7 comments

saliva test






double ovulation


lh surge

Well...i'm frustrated! I went to my holistic physician today for a consult and to get a copy of my lab results. He didn't help me at all! He just gave me the basics and said "i dont' know" to everythign else I asked. So now I've got to find someone who will take my saliva test results and interpret them and use them> The problem is, all doctors want to run their own tests at their own laboratory. But i paid $400 so I want them to look at what i've already paid for!!!

Since so many of you on these forums have dealt what i'm dealing with, i'm documenting this in the hopes that someone can help. I know any answers I get are purely speculation, and I plan on finding a legit doctor, but I just though input would be useful right now. SO here's what i've got

I have a progesterone spike on day 10 and day 27 of my cyle. My LP is 19 days long.
Estradiol reaches a high of 25 on day 17.  Here are my estradiol levels on each day of saliva collection.
Day 2(start of AF) Estradiol=  8 pg/ml; Progesterone = 118
Day 5                  Estradiol= 15 pg/ml; Progesterone=101
Day 8                  Estradiol= 10 pg/ml; Progesterone=67
Day 10                E           = 22 pg/ml; Progesteron=364
Day 13                Estradiol= 17 pg/ml; Progesterone= 151
Day 15                Estradiol= 11 pg/ml; Progesterone=80
Day 17                Estradiol=  25 pg/ml; Progesteron=108
Day 21                Estradiol=  10 pg/ml'; Progesterone=236
Day 24                Estradiol=  13 pg/ml; Progesterone= 242
Day 27                Estradiol=   2 pg/ml; Progesterone= 317
Day 29(AF started)Estradiol= 41pg/ml; Progesterone= 41

So, they're saying 2 progesterone spikes in 1 month, which could possibly mean 2 ovulations.

DHEA:  Elevated.  Normal range 3-10 ng/ml  MY LEVEL WAS 25
Free Testosterone Normal range 8-29 pg/ml; Borderline 5-7 pg/ml  MY LEVEL WAS 56

FSH SURGE normal range 2.3-4.7 MY VALUE WAS 1.32
FSH OUTPUT normal range?? MY VALUE 480.00
FOLLICLE RESPONSE INDEX normal range: 0.5-2.3 MY VALUE WAS 1.73

LH SURGE normal range 3.3-6.6 MY VALUE 2.27
LH OUPUT normal range??? MY VALUE 466.00

So basically, the doctor didn't tell me anything, but this is what the lab reports are. It says that the levels are POSSIBLY suggestive of subclinical pregnancy where implantation did not occur.


This doesn't make any sense to me. Why am i having symptoms of estrogen dominance if my estrogen levels are low in the 1st half of my cycle? And why am i having symptoms of pregnancy (progesterone related??) if i'm not maintaining normla progesterone levels when I should?

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330481 tn?1309491843
by scienceteacher79, May 20, 2008
i am confused? Are these saliva tests how you are getting the progesterone and estradoil levels? I don't know how reliable that is sweetie. I am not familiar with it so I don't know. Have you called a traditional doc? I don't know if they would even accept saliva results - they like blood tests :)

358971 tn?1330892575
by bioclock1, May 21, 2008
Yeah...this is the lab report from my saliva test. I've done a lot of research that shows that saliva testing is more accurate however there is a lot of debate about this. Some say more accurate, some say less than blood. Since I've already paid for the damn tests, i'm trying to get answers from the saliva results. Maybe later down the road when i'm insured, i'll opt for the blood test.
The gyno i'm going to today supposedly is going to look at my lab results.....we'll see.
Thanks for responding scienceteacher--- You're right...a lot of them like blood tests and almost all of them want to do their OWN testing at their OWN lab..... sucks for me......i shoulda done a bit more research before spending the 400 on the test from my doc....

513629 tn?1218147553
by GoingOnFiveKids, May 21, 2008
It's hard to try and start a family if you dont have health insurance. Before becoming pregnant try to get insured so that you wont have to pay for these tests or at least pay a fraction of it with a co payment. With so many possible things that can happen when you're pregnant it is in the best intrest of the baby to have appropriate coverage for you and your little one. I dont know how long you've been at trying to concieve but If you are just recently trying, things will happen on their own since your so young and there seems to be no bad prior history.

119341 tn?1232567357
by PPhelps, May 21, 2008
Go to Mary53's profile. In her journal there is valuable info on hormones. She is a wonderful woman who has done her research for 8 years on hormones. There might be info there for you. If you can't find her profile go to mine and under my friends list is her's. Good Luck Paula

358971 tn?1330892575
by bioclock1, May 21, 2008
thaks Paula and Goingon5kids.......
I'm actually not ACTIVELY ttc....and today the doc told me I have much for being young and healthy. She wants me to start YAZ on the next cycle...i'm hesitant to do this, i've had bad experiences with b/c. I' still get AF so other than the hormone regulation, i'm not sure why she wants to do this instead of Metformin......she says it will help me lose weight but i'm skeptical. NOTHING has helped me lose weight in 5 years. She also put me on a low carb/low calorie diet. YEA....(sarcasm)

358971 tn?1330892575
by bioclock1, May 22, 2008
pphelps....i read Mary53's info...thanks. However..i will not be contacting her for info. A week or so ago i posted a question on the Ovarian Cysts forum, thinking that it may be the cause of all my pregnancy symptoms (obvioulsy prior to knowing about this PCOS) Mary was very rude and told me that the forum was for serious ppl only so to go away. those were literally her words. She was so rude i actualy reported her and the mediator took away her comment as well as the one i sent back about her being rude. i don't understand why some ppl are so mean on these fourms...but i appreciate YOUR help! :)

649810 tn?1223939477
by drsds, Oct 13, 2008
The saliva levels are valid for what the look for.  Typically its the 10% of the unbound hormone that is responding to the target receptor.  It also is valid for determining your hormone balance.  It shows a relative state of estrogen dominance and since the cycles are connected month to month, you are carrying over estrogen from month to month.  The pituitary hormone levels are low which indicates a weakened H-P-A axis due commonly to a prolonged stress response.  If you did a morning cortisol test it probably show a low cortisol level in the morning.  Women with high estrogen over time typically have problems with digestion, absorption, fibroids, breast tenderness, PMS, migraines and others.  It does look like you cycle twice.  It could be PCOS if you have high testosterone levels accompanied with HPA axis dysregulation and an extended follicular phase.  I know this post was in May, but just came across it.  I deal with many estrogen dominant women and test regularly via saliva, hair, and blood.  PCOS can be resolved naturally.  Yaz only supresses the hormonal system, it doesn't balance it.  Insulin resistence is a common co-effect of estrogen dominance hence the usual prescription of metformin.

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