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When will it all be over

Aug 13, 2009 - 4 comments










Well it's been ages since I have written in my journal but why write when you feel you have nothing good to say. To update the ones following this venture. I'm having a bit of another type problem now. It appears they have found a spot on my adrenal gland, and the fluid that they thought was being caused by my liver is indeed not being caused by my liver but by a tumor the size of a soccer ball on my left ovary.  But I'm off pain kicked the opiate habit...that's one good thing. They have surgery scheduled for Aug 25 and the hospital stay should be about 5 to 6 days she said. Because of the anemia problems I'm considered a high risk surgery. Not good news huh. She said I will prolly need blood transfusions, geeez does that mean I will have more relatives by really am trying to keep my spirits up but I will be quiet honest with you, it's not easy at all. You sit around to tired to do much because of the anemia, and you sit and think about the surgery and having to take pain medication again and recover again. and try yet another time to get your life back into your control and not some one or something else's control. I just keep asking when when it all end. I wake up every single morning and say, ok it's a new day, push yourself to get things done, keep active, stay positive, then I try to eat something and get sick and then my entire day is shot to chit.
I have blood work drawn every week, and now I have to have chest exrays, and this biopsy of the lump they also found on my adrenal glad prior to surgery, they want to see what is in it to prepare them for what they find when they open me up. It's been a really rough year and half for me, hope like hell it ends soon one way or the other. I can honestly say I'm worn out.

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495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Aug 13, 2009
I wish you all the best with your upcoming surgery.........sara

881961 tn?1243599437
by Janicaa, Aug 13, 2009
Thanks Sara for listening, it's so not like me to be down..I'll soon be up and you'll see a new me...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

711224 tn?1344771687
by SophieShine, Aug 13, 2009
Hey there sweet Jan!
I just can't believe what you all have been thru the last 18 months... and I sure hope this is the finish line of your health issues. You are an incredible strong woman Jan and you gonna go thru this.
Please don't lose that humor of yours!
Love youuuuuuuuu!!!
xoxoxo. sophie.

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Aug 13, 2009
hahah yup you just going to have a bigger family!...more blood relatives!....hahahaha goofy!.... yes dont leave that humor in the OR!!!! love you gram!.... i told you , your going to be fine, they are just fixing you an oil change on your car!, your getting a tune up!!! you!....

i will give updates to all of your friends on here after the surgery !.... dont you worry!....

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