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August 13/09

Aug 13, 2009 - 3 comments

Well it's very early... about 3am (in Canada).... still no sleep. I am at the point where I would give up chocolate for a year just to have a good night sleep. I used to be such a good sleeper back in the day. I'd go to bed at 10pm and be able to wake up at 10am and feel refreshed. Now, I can't fall asleep until 7-8am and sleep until 4-5pm. It has ruined my life. I've been crying myself to sleep for the past 3 weeks now.

This idea of giving endo patients Depo Lupron is a mistake. Who in their right mind would think it's normal to put a 23 year old in menopause?! So now I have to go through menopause not once but twice? Why is it that a doctor can give you 2 options to "cure" the endo... have a baby or get a hysterectomy?! Especially when you've been told that you will not have children.

Endo is a slow emotional killer. It takes over your life and ppl think you're crazy. Doctors are not educated on Endo in Canada therefore, they cannot treat it. Why is it that humans can figure out a way to send men on the moon but cannot find a cure for diseases?!

Most meds are not covered on insurance therefore, we have to pay 600$ per month for ONE shot that leaves us miserable. Insurance will not cover certain pills unless you have cancer. Pain clinics will not treat you unless you have cancer either. Why?! I have to have cancer in order to get someone to take me seriously and treat me?! This does not make sense considering that insurance will cover meds for addicts to "cure" themselves from their habits.

Too many questions and not enough answers...

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by mollylynn, Aug 17, 2009
Yeah you my dear are totally right!:) the junkies here in the states get it all but alot of ppl with cancer or in your situation get nothing very sad ain't it?so what have your symptoms been?I mean with having endometriosis?how did you find out that was what you had?did they do laproscopy on you?sorry to ask alot of questions just curious because I have some damn painful periods myself but just found out i have cyst!:( you take care!ttyl :)                              Mollylynn

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by Pres0081, Aug 17, 2009
Hey hey!!!

Thanks for your comments. Sry to hear about your cyst. I have a very long story, I've had endo for 14 years now. I'll try to keep it short.

I started my period at the age of 9. I've always had extremely painful cramps, to the point where I couldn't move. I bled a lot but mostly in the form of blood clots. I had my period the opposite than most woman have.. I had it for 3 weeks straight and one week off. So I went back and forth to doctors. They tried me on ALL the pills, shots, patches you name it! Nothing ever worked. I even had an IUD put in... had my period for 14 weeks straight. I would never recommend it to anyone. I also had Depo Provera at the age of 16. I gained 20 pounds in 2 months!!! Not fun when you're in high school. I was referred to a gyn at the age of 17, took my doctor a long enough time lol I finally got my first laparoscopy around the age of 19. Burned some endo but the pain came back within 6 months. Had my second surgery a year later, same thing.

So I was referred to an endo specialist earlier this year. He has put me on Depot Lupron which is an expensive shot, once a month that puts you into menopause. I also have 2 other pills per day to help with the side effects. Let me tell you, menopause.... 10000000000 times worse than PMS. I never sleep, hot flashes, mood swings, constant nausea that stops me from eating. Also, it's such a strong med that it causes severe bone density loss and that can be dangerous.

So now, I'm in menopause at 23, haven't been able to work for 4 months now. Bed rest because the meds caused a flare up 2 months ago and I ended up getting 8 cysts ranging from 2 to 10 cm. All totaling about 400cc of fluid.

So your symptoms could just be caused by your cyst. I have one difference between endo and a cyst... with a cyst, I ALWAYS had to pee. It wasn't a bladder infection. I just had to pee so much lol I seriously felt like I was pregnant! turns out it was just cysts though. So that could be a clue.

My advice, find yourself a good doctor. Very easy to say, I'm Canadian and we have the worst doctors ever. I was always told that I was faking it. "It's just a part of being a woman". Well a part of being a woman is KNOWING that something is wrong with you. Do not ignore the symptoms. Get a second opinion. DEMAND tests!!!! You have to take control and tell them what to do for you. Doctors are here to help us but they are not very educated on endo.

If you have ANY other questions, ask away! I don't mind one single bit. If I can help you figure things out, I'd be more than happy to. Don't forget, endo and cysts, sometimes lead to depression and anxiety. It's very difficult for us to some times talk about with with others because they haven't gone through it. So... don't be shy and ask!

Best of luck and please keep me updated. This is my first time having cysts so I'm sure you can teach me a few things as well!


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by mollylynn, Aug 20, 2009
Hey thanx a bunch and you too take care and I wish the best of luck in your journey and i'm so sorry to hear at such a young age you are to have to be put through menopause!:(

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