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Lacking the Will!

Aug 13, 2009 - 2 comments





Losing weight

Have failed to knock off the measly 6lbs I'd targeted as my goal, second attempt. Now I'm going to attack it with a will ~ starting tomorrow (how often that means it won't happen) but I'm feeling good & think I can manage it without suffering too much in the process. I won't cut out custard pies/apple pies/biscuits/doughnuts/chocolate et al. But I will cut back (a little?} on them. Now life's again good, not perfect as I know that's asking too much, but I am happy & content with life & make a daily choice as to how the day's going to go. Choosing positive's worked so far, my aim's to keep it that way. The weight is not a problem, just found the Tracker very motivational when I lost 13 lbs almost without trying ~ I know how some reallly have a hard time losing weight. Weight can't  be gained if you don't eat more than you need ~ but eating's fun & it's hard to deny oneself pleasure that's so easily avaiable. Wish all those wishing to lose weight success, it's a great feeling to be in shape & fit. I'll persist. Best wishes to all aiming same way. George

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by stesil03, Aug 13, 2009
keep positive and everything will come out the way you want it :) don't ever cut out anything that makes you happy just enjoy every bite and every minute of it! wishes you best of luck on the next 6lbs

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by gofio, Aug 14, 2009
Thanks for your sensible note. I agree with all you said. I do whatever I can to ensure I'm going the positive way ~ like all techniques after you've practiced enough you can just let it happen & not have to constantly remind yourself about things. Just had a really good meal, mostly sweet, fat, dairy products mixed with sugar ~ also some fruit mixed in it too! Whatever you like does you good?Weather's perfect here again, same there?I'm going now to set my next target ie 6lbs in 6 weeks ~ that way I've plenty of time? We'll see. Hope you are well & that you are enjoying life too. Best wishes, George

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