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United we stand against Trolls

May 20, 2008 - 4 comments

forum trolls

"Tell me the reason, tell me your story, tell me your castle"

Today I was pretty much dumbfolded by how fast it went with Trolls on board. I realized how fresh I am at these forums when there was less than a minute between each post and non-stop new messages arrived. It took a nice message from the Mods about how it really works with bots for me to understand how weak we are as individuals in these forums. United we stand stronger!

I have 4 years online in different kinds of settings about forums. I've met liars, attention-seekers, manipulators and thieves of many kinds, but today I realized I have never met a bot before unless it has been Trivial Pursuit. We live and learn!

I am extremely sorry that you have lost your posts as older inactive posts were bumped up to the top of the board with this Dr_Logan troll. Bringing it back to chronological order could take a while, so I guess you could try to bump your question or advice back up!

Our depression forum and other forums are filled with members looking for answers to sincere questions and ailments. When the boards are bombarded with careless money-making links I hurt. I hurt for the community that has been built and I hurt for a trail of members.

No site is perfect. There are flaws. That is totally understandable. I commend the Mods and all the other CL's for working with a site that has grown so much. It is sometimes a thankless job, but I do also think there is always room for improvement. In unity.

A great "Thank you-note" goes to you all for making MedHelp what it is - and that note does also go to the ones who stand behind MH, and every single member who follows the guidelines that were agreed to when you signed up for a membership here.

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277836 tn?1359666174
by alienshadow, May 20, 2008
amen and whoever did that today should be prosecuted

502050 tn?1243602535
by malenurse57, May 20, 2008
Amen and Amen

214105 tn?1265935159
by jdesouza, May 20, 2008
Well said. The Mods and CL's do a great job helping keep the spam away and you are right that they often don't get the acknowledgement they deserve.  A deep thank you to all of them for the important work they do.

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by SunnyOne802, May 20, 2008
Beautiful journal. Thank you!

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