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Run down lately. TMI warning!

Jul 02, 2014 - 0 comments

Okay so im not even going to get started on the work situation. It ***** and is getting progressively worse, thats just life these days.

But my general health lately has been TERRIBLE! I am always having some kind of ailment. I go to bed with headaches, wake up with headaches and they last hours and are very intense.
The past two weeks I have also had the worst case of thrush i have ever experienced, using the over the counter cream was too painful to put on it was agonising. The doc used the speculum (i think thats What you call it?) to examine me and take swabs which was a first for me but not as horrifying as i had imagined it to be. I got blood taken for my blood sugar level also and will get results tomorrow. The swabs came back normal.

Then two days ago i woke up from a nap in such pain. My finger had swollen to TWICE Its normal size and I felt a lot of pressure building in it. There was pus When I applied some pressure to it which gave me a small amount of relief. I tried ringing the docs again for a same day appointment but couldnt get one. So I marched S and I down to the chemist who had a look and gave me some magnesium sulfate paste, dressings and Ibuprofen to take down swelling etc. Im managing the pain but there has still been little change so now im trying to get another appointment this morning.

This has all happened in the space of just under a month?? The doctors will be sick of seeing me!
My mum said to me that stress is a powerful thing and that the first thing to normally suffer is sleep and then the immune system. Is this true, it sure sounds like me at the moment!
Sorry this is long and a bit ranty lol! Ive booked my two weeks annual leave for monday coming and I have relations from england coming so im so happy about that and I will get the chance to rechage my batteries!

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