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Jul 02, 2014 - 0 comments

As my 27th birthday is slowly approaching, I have a lot to be reflecting on that has happened in the last year. Some were good and some were bad. But all in all this year has to be a great year for me!!

The good things must come first. For once in my life, I was being taken serious and not as if I was a crazy person. At first when I learned I had a malformation I was lost. Then I found this forum and Selma helped me out. Of course living in a small town area that isn't up to par with technology or might not have top rated doctors in the area you need them to be in you have to either settle for second best or PCP until you can do better. My PCP is such a blessing. He was willing to work with an out of town Ns that he knew and trusted to help him with my case. So he helped us get straight and on the right track. So I'm real happy about that.

I'm glad I was able to raise money to go out to Ohio to see Dr Few in August. He's also been my rock since I choose him as my Ns or consulting Dr for this. He's been helping me get all the test I need down in the state of Maryland besides the Cine MRI. We decided we would do that when I arrive in Ohio. But since I can only stay in Ohio for two weeks we have a tight schedule to work with. So that's why we are doing most testing we can do here and if !more is needed we will do them while I'm there.
I'm also thankful to have my dogs and my horse. Without them I would be lost. They truly help me on my worst days possible ever. I hate not feeling good but I'm glad my animals make me feel like my normal self sometimes. I love when they cuddle with me when I am having an off day.

Now for the bad things that happened this year. I lost my step mom. She was a loving woman. She left behind two babies behind as well as three other children and four step children. She had battled cancer and beat it once but it came back. She lost the battle July 5th of last year and it broke our hearts. But she's in heaven feeling no pain.

I can no longer jump horses but it doesn't stop me from riding them for fun. Though I loved jumping I just can't risk falling again or being thrown off another time. But I love my horse and I'm determined to jump another day as soon as I can.

My symptoms gotten worse but I try my best to get better at the things I am losing functions of. I hate not being independent like I once was but I have a awesome family who is willing to help me and make sure I'm taken care of. I'm thankful for. I love them.

This is the end of my reflection.

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