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update Day 19

Jul 03, 2014 - 0 comments

Weight Loss







I have come to feel very normal eating this way, at first I was hungry my stomach rumbling when i was trying to sleep, I worried about what I was going to eat and when but now, in my third week Im settled, I no longer rumble, I don't feel weak or obsessive about food or deprived, just normal.. kinda like I`ve always eaten like this!!
I have been eating carbs and frozen meals again but that's mainly due to a very limited food budget, but I know that when I eat clean the weight loss is quicker!!
So I will endeavour to buy what I can of clean foods ( to me, clean foods are a low carb diet)
My Monthly cycle threw me for a few days, while i still fasted I was more hungry and craved salty carbs, so i gave in to myself a little, didn't go crazy like. My weight stayed the same or even rose but I didn't take much notice of it as I know I gain water weight at that time. So I was easy on myself, I didn't exercise as strongly  as I have been of late. As soon as I stopped menstruating the gained weight came off to my lowest so far and to date I've lost over 8lbs and gained at lot more strength as I've added daily 10 mins HIIT exercises and using my body weight to build muscle again for about 10 mins duration. I have also lost 3.5" off my body.
So its all going in the right direction!! :)

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