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My Nicorette addiction

Jul 06, 2014 - 1 comments



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Smoking while using Nicorette


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Cigarette addiction


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I am an addict

Hi, I'm an addict

I got myself into an addiction to Nicorette 4mg ice mint lozenges. Not new, but the problem is I also smoke my menthol cigarettes still. And yes, I smoke cigarettes while using Nicorette to sate my addictive personality.

It began the day I flirted with a cigarette while using an ice mint Nicorette. Instant nico-crack.i was hooked. There is definitely a nice relationship between ice mint lozenges and gum and menthol cigarettes. I fell in love.

The addiction has become my best friend and I am losing any control I had over it. I need nicorettes and I use up to 10-15 a day while smoking 20-30 menthols a day.

I know only one other person who smokes and uses Nicorette, she too agrees it is impossible to stop. I sometimes think I can stop but then the craving hits me and I find myself popping a Nicorette and lighting a menthol. It's hopeless, I know, but I can't stop.

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by Mentholmel, Dec 27, 2014
Six months since I confessed my Nicorette addiction, I still use them. I've started mixing 4mg ice mint gum, which taste better when smoking a menthol with the lozenges. Lozenges are discreet and better when in company of people.

I am using a couple more a day now and smoking a few more ciggys too.

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