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Update on Becky (sorry don't know if I do "Post" or "Journal"??)

Aug 14, 2009 - 15 comments

Friday, August 14, 2009 9:40 PM, CDT

Hello everyone...this is Ashley (Becky's little sister)
I am so sorry I have not been on here sooner. Of course upon getting back to our room at 9:30 - there were internet issues - anyways I'm in the lobby now writing this...
On a more important note,
Becky is recovering. We were able to see her briefly tonight (they had a shift change in between so later then expected) around 8ish I think it was. We were all happy to see her - felt like an ETERNITY!! That is the main thing about today - seeing her alive and well at the end of it all!
Unfortunately, surgery did not go as anticipated. I hate writing this as its not the news we were all expecting but, as I said, so long as we have her :)
It started around 9am (hard time finding a vein for IV). around 12pm (us girls were at lunch) but, Adam and his parents were notified that some "damage had been done to a main aretery" to her left leg I believe it was. This caused quite some delay as they had to take proper care to repair this severe problem (did a graph-sorry I don't know the spelling of these terms ;)
Before this happened they were able to remove a lot of the tumors on her abdominal wall (she has mesh there after).
So, unfortunately the tumors that were affecting her kidney and bowels were left untouched - too severe and they aren't sure if b/c of trmt/chemo/scar tissue or what but, they were "cement" like - too risky to touch.
I'm sorry if my times or 'medical' information is off - I tried taking notes but, it is so much information to take in! And well - the girls and Beck's mom were going to help me with this but, b/c of the delays with internet - its sleep time for them after this day!

They did not do a colostomy(sp?) bag - they didn't feel it was necessary at this time - they can do this as well as kidney removal if needed in the futue.
Dr B did say that there is tumors up front of the vaginal wall and we must watch the one on her tailbone - nerve damage - feeling in legs but, she hadn't had much problems prior to.

The main thing - they did get 'some' and she is alive and recovering. There are risks with every surgery and we all went in with that on our minds. After the issue w/ the artery - that fact really clicked in - made us all want to see her so badly after!
Please keep Becky in your thoughts and prayers! She'll need it more then ever. And thank for all your prayers so far.
I will keep you updated - we'll all be in to see her tomorrow!

I hope I have kind of explained things half decently. :)

With Love,


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196469 tn?1365387975
by justscore, Aug 14, 2009
Thoughts and prayers..........
Please tell her we are all thinking of her and hoping she recovers well.  I am so sorry things didn't go as well as she hoped................

Please keep us updated and take care of you too!


356929 tn?1246389756
by Sandymac, Aug 14, 2009
Oh Ashley, Thank you so much for updating us. So sad that things didn't go as planned.. Please send love..


146692 tn?1314331773
by butterflytc, Aug 14, 2009
Thank you for the updates Ashley, Have been thinking of Becky all day, and will continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers. I too am sorry it wasn't a completely successful surgery, but thankful they were able to do a repair to the artery. Please give her a gentle hug from me. Hoping for a quick recovery, and hoping for some good news with what they were able to remove at least.


225036 tn?1294509400
by fungirl1011, Aug 14, 2009
Ashley, thank  you so much for your update.  I am sorry things didn't go as we were all hoping, but you are right about one thing....she is alive and recovering.  Please let her know that we are praying for her and thinking of her.  Hope you are all taking care of yourselves too, because Becky will need you all now more than ever for her recovery.  Please keep updating us on how Becky is doing as we are all thinking of her.  Give her our love.  Kasie

483733 tn?1326798446
by TrudieC, Aug 15, 2009
Thank you Ashley.  I am so relieved she made it through and hope she won't be too disappointed with the outcome.  Will continue to send thoughts and prayers.  

155056 tn?1333638688
by nyc lady, Aug 15, 2009
I am so sorry that the surgery did not go as well as hoped, and so sorry to hear that Becky had complications.  

Ashley, thank you so much for taking the time to fill us in with all the details.  Becky has become a big part of our family and we all sat on pins and needles waiting to hear what was going on.  

Wishing Becky a speedy, uneventful recovery.  

329994 tn?1301663248
by lvfrogs, Aug 15, 2009
Please tell Becky that we are all thinking of her and give her a hug from us. I was so hoping to hear they got it all. Hopefully, they can get it another way or in the future. thank you for letting us know and take care of yourself as well. I imagine this is extremely wearing on all of you. I will keep you all in my prayers, Colleen

187666 tn?1331173345
by ireneo, Aug 15, 2009
Oops, I replied to the thread where this update was also posted. Be assured that I am still thinking and praying for her and all of you. Let the healing begin.  irene

408448 tn?1286883821
by marie3B, Aug 15, 2009
Ashley,  You did a fine job explaining everything.  Thank you so much.  I have been really worried.  I am so happy they were able to fix the artery damage.  I wish they could have done all they wanted, but with this cancer we have to take what we get, I have learned.  Some of the tumors are gone and that is an improvement.  I will continue to keep Becky and family in my thoughts and prayers.  Marie

378425 tn?1305628294
by dawnlyn, Aug 15, 2009

Thank you so much for update, please give Becky our love Becky and all of you are in my prayers.  Love, Dawnlyn

460830 tn?1347219306
by stacys_aunt, Aug 15, 2009
                                                                 GOD BLESS,

107366 tn?1305680375
by gah_70, Aug 15, 2009
Hi Ashley,

Thank you so much for your update.  I, along with all these other women, had Becky on my heart and mind all day Friday, and was waiting to hear some news.  I agree with the others, did a great job at explaining everything.  Don't worry about the medical jargon...we have been doing this ourselves for years now, and still don't "get it".  :)  I'm glad you'll be seeing her again today.  I know that will help settle your nerves a bit.  Please pass my love and good wishes to her.  She's definitely a fighter.  Give Ty a big hug from all of us, too.  


Avatar universal
by Katie116, Aug 15, 2009
Please give Becky my best. I'm so sorry that things didn't go as hoped, but so far along this journey w/my DIL, nothing has really gone as hoped or planned.  Give her best wishes.

Avatar universal
by Angie1992, Aug 15, 2009
Thank you for the update and Becky and all of you are in my thoughts and prayer always.  What a strong support of love Becky has getting through this from her family.   Sending love, prayers, and wishes for a speedy recovery.

Love, Angie

415684 tn?1257329318
by JC145, Aug 15, 2009
Dear Ashley ... you did a great job with your explanation.  Unfortunately, not what we all had hoped for.  It is good some of the cancer has been removed and her artery was able to be repaired.  I can only offer to you, Becky and the family my love and prayers for a speedy recovery.


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