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Family Drama Effects Peak

Aug 11, 2009 - 0 comments

Since Nick's arrival there has been a lot of nagging from my mother to either get together with Nick or set him up.  Her behaviour has been driving me up the bend and finally caught up to me.    I ended up telling my mom to give me some space.  I'm not sure that I did it the nicest way as I was experiencing anxiety and did a bit of blaming.  I’m feeling extreme guilt now!  But that’s exactly how she gets me to do what she wants.  She manipulates and controls me and I’ve been letting her get away with it too long.  I almost stood up to her but later backed down and gave in to her wishes only to cancel again because I was so anxious and sick.  Yes, physically sick.  It almost felt like my body was physically reacting to me giving in.  Is that possible?

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