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Jul 06, 2014 - 3 comments

Alfie would have been 11 years old today. I miss him a lot.

My 2 weeks annual leave has just started. Of course my boss has cut me £50 short. Im glad to be off.  I thought work couldnt get Any worse but suprise suprise, it does. The shop girls keep reporting back to my boss and saying i have an attitude towards them. Truth is, my hours got cut in half so all the little favours i used to do for them...i just dont have time to do anymore. I have four hours a day to decorate all pastry products and do Any birthday cakes for that day. Every minute is rushed and stressful and focus entirely on my work. Before my hours got cut I helped the girls fill the fridge with soft drinks, answer the phones and load the shop up. But i just cant anymore in the hours i have to work with. My boss doesnt pay me overtime. So this is what my apparent 'attitude' is.

I feel like i should be happy to be off but i just feel depressed and run down. My optimism is gone.
S had to go home tonight because his ADD is just out of control lately. Its like sitting with a completely different person.

I just wanted to get this down to get and FEEL something but ive got nothing right now.

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by Nighthawk61, Jul 23, 2014
Hi Swabes, sorry to hear your hours got cut.. I know how hard you work and how much your job means to you. I'm going to pray hard for you Swabes, to find another opportunity, a full time one, or something to do part time. I wonder if there are any opportunities near you for part time companion, shopper, cook ? even doing  a bit of cleaning on the side? I've thought of it for myself of late. I just don't make enough money from the renters here. I want to make another paycheck myself, but it's so hard to find anything. I've decided i'm going to save for a family size canoe, and outboard motor. and try to rent it out for fishing. Our place is practically on the lake, and you can carry an 18 foot canoe on the hood of any car legally (i believe). Jesse, my son, could even take a couple few people out on the lake himself, or I or Gerry could. I'm so stoked about the idea. I've been living by the lake for almost 15 years now and never been out on it. I never see any boats out there other than the occasional sail boat. I've got to figure out how to get a legal paper drawn up, so that the renters are liable for any damages etc. (to themselves or the boat). I've got to find out how to handle getting the cost of the boat in case of an accident, like taking a credit card. There's only place near us that rents out canoes, so i'm planning on going in and hopefully asking to see what they have by way of business forms to run that sort of business. They probably won't let me see it unless i rent a canoe. Drat. The cost of doing business i guess.

Sorry that S has to go home, i hope he feels better shortly. Don't give up. Keep looking for something better. I'll be praying that you find what you are looking for Swabes.:) All the best to you. Liz

3060903 tn?1398565123
by Nighthawk61, Jul 24, 2014
After looking at your icing flower, i got to thinking depending on when you work your hours, a family might LOVE to have you for a few hours a day, to cook and to bake, while looking after their kids? Maybe that's an option for extra work? Don't be afraid to reach out and post an ad, you just never know. Any family would be lucky for you to run their kitchen part time.

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by swabes, Jul 24, 2014
Hi Liz, thank you so much for your suggestions.
I am getting my c.v around as many bakeries and restaurants as possible, I've even printed off a small portfolio of work for employers to see but like you said, its so hard to find something.
Sounds like you have some great ideas for the lake, really enterprising! Paperwork is always a bummer though!

I continue to look because I know I must, but I'm not as proactive as I used to be about it all. The job has worn me down a bit but I am still determined to leave on my own terms and not let the shop girls intimidate me.

Thank you so much again, and its nice hearing from you and your plans!

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