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10 of the best weight loss tips ever

Jul 07, 2014 - 0 comments

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Losing weight doesn’t have to be a torture, it can be as simple as a..b…c. Junk food such as cakes, ice cream and French fries contribute to weight gain when an individual consumes too much and reduces the rate of activity in their day to day activity.

Fat accumulates in the body since it is not being utilized as energy. In order to achieve a healthy body, all you need to do is follow 10 of the best weight loss tips ever as listed below.

Tip 1. Drink water regularly

Water contains nutrients that are essential for human growth. Health specialists’ advice that each day, one has to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water so as to eliminate dehydration and help keep the cells and muscles hydrated well.

While it may be difficult to keep a schedule of how many glasses one has taken during the day, following this simple procedure will help. Take 6 to 8 rubber bands and wrap them around your wrist. When you drink a glass of water, remove a single rubber band and place it aside. By doing so, you will be able to keep count of how many glasses you have taken.

Tip 2. Pick night time snacks carefully

Snacking in bed while watching a TV show is a favorite for many people. Some of the snacks people love to eat before going to bed include ice cream, cookies, chips and cakes among others.
By eating snacks high in calories before sleeping, it makes the body produce a lot of heat which automatically leads to lack of sleep. Lack of activity during sleep leads to weight gain. To avoid weight gain, you can stop snacking after dinner or decide to take low calorie snack.

Tip 3. Think what to add to your diet

Removing foods from your diet may be a good suggestion to help reduce overeating but in this case it is not. Health specialists recommend eating lots of vegetables and fruits in a day. Fruits and vegetables are rich in anti oxidants and other nutrients and usually act as appetite suppressant.
As appetite suppressants, they eliminate chances of one overeating therefore they help control what you eat.

Tip 4. Evaluate whether you are hungry

Slight dehydration in the body may signal one to think they are hungry. To eliminate over eating, it is important to consider whether you are really hungry. This can be achieved by checking on physical signs of hunger.
The body indicates it is hungry to signify it needs fuel to continue functioning well. To avoid over eating, you need to eat small portions of food.

Tip 5. Continue enjoying your favorite food

Cutting down on your favorite snacks may result in rebound over eating. To prevent this, you can start slim shopping your favorite foods. Example if you usually buy a box of cookies, you can decide to purchase a single one.

Tip 6. Include proteins in all meals
Eating protein rich foods will result in more satisfaction that eating carbohydrates. By eating proteins and performing regular exercises, the body will lose weight through fat burning.

Tip 7. Include spices in meals

Spices add flavor to the food and also help to accelerate the rate of metabolism in the body. It also helps to dull the sweet senses in the tongue therefore reducing one’s appetite and eliminating chances of over eating.

Tip 8. Eat 4 to 5 meals in a day
Eating fewer calories than the body can burn will result in weight loss. Eating 4 to 5 meals or snacks in a day helps to control one’s appetite and hunger.
This can be achieved by dividing the meals into mini meals.

Tip 9. Enjoy meals away from home

Eating out either at the park or snacking at a parlor helps the body exercise. Family outings to the park provide a perfect moment for the family to engage in activities that will contribute to weight loss eventually.

Tip 10. Shop for healthy convenience foods

Healthy snacks available in the kitchen beat the need of rushing to the drive through for pizza or a burger. The ready to eat snacks can be prepared in a few minutes and also they contain nutrients beneficial for the body to grow.

Ready to eat meals one can stock their kitchen with include frozen vegetables, canned beans, pre-washed greens and pre-cooked grilled chicken breasts among others. For more such tips you can also log on to

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