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Update #2

Aug 15, 2009 - 19 comments

Saw Becky again today! She's alright - have to keep on top of the pain meds! The poor thing - she tries so hard to keep up/talking (trust me - we were all telling her just to rest) but, she'd pop in and out "I'm sorry-I don't mean to sleep" LoL

Dr Bernadini came to see her last night and this morning - easy to tell that he genuinely cares about Becky and her well-being. You can tell he feels the same as we do about yesterday's surgery. God Bless Becky though - she was already bugging him about what the next approach is/who she should see! To which he replied that she'd be stuck with him - I think he's a great doctor to be "stuck" with - you can tell he's become emotionally attached to this and will do anything to help her out!

Anyways - if anyone has any questions - let me know.
Also, PLEASE POST MESSAGES FOR BECKY - I will print them off and get them into her. I know you all mean so VERY much to her! xoxo

Love, Ashley

I'm also going to incude a post  Amy (Becky's other sister) did on her Facebook - good explanation:
" Becky is doing well. Her artery is repaired and the doctors are confident that there will be no complications in regards to that. Though some cancer was removed, the majority of the cancer was too "vascular and widespread" that the doctors ...felt that it was too risky to continue the operation. Thank you to everyone for keeping Becky in your thoughts and prayers, and thank you to Dr. Bernadini for your determination!"

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135691 tn?1271097123
by Tybear, Aug 15, 2009
Sorry i forgot to include - she did get a blood transfusion today. And I just read her moms Facebook post that she was sitting up and stood momentarily today. Though it did take a lot out of her.

107366 tn?1305680375
by gah_70, Aug 15, 2009
Thanks for checking in.  I'm so glad she was able to sit up and stand up, even!  It's a good sign that she's ready to move on to the next step.  That's her fighting spirit!


155056 tn?1333638688
by nyc lady, Aug 15, 2009
Ashley thanks for the update!!!

Becky - you are truly amazing, a fighter like no other.....we miss you, stay strong...and know  you have people from all over the world pulling for you!!!!

Love you,

792410 tn?1270315500
by Ramsay14, Aug 15, 2009
Dear Becky,

You are an inspiration to us all.  I'm so sorry that the surgery wasn't as great a success as we had all hoped for, but they did get some of the cancer out and that is a positive thing.  You can move forward now with the hormonal therapy that you and your doctor have planned.  I wish I could find a Dr. Bernadini, a doctor who actually cares.  That is a rare thing and you are lucky to have him.  I think of you daily and it is my fervent wish that you recover from this surgery as soon as possible so you can get home to your son.

Take care
Lauren (Ramsay14)

146692 tn?1314331773
by butterflytc, Aug 16, 2009
Thats our Becky, already pushing herself to get outta the bed, and home to her little guy~! WTG Becky, keep up the fighting spirit. I so wish they had been able to get more of the cancer out.

((hugs)) and best wishes

415684 tn?1257329318
by JC145, Aug 16, 2009
No surprise Becky is up already.  Her fighting spirit gives all of us motivation.  She is such an inspiration.  She is always on my mind and in my prayers.


329994 tn?1301663248
by lvfrogs, Aug 16, 2009
First thing I thought of this morning, was how Becky is doing and then I get on here and there is an update. Ashley, you are wonderful.  Becky is such a fighter, I can't believe she was on her feet already. She will be out of there soon, I hope! Give her hugs,

483733 tn?1326798446
by TrudieC, Aug 16, 2009
So glad you updated!  Becky, you are such an inspiring woman and I can just see the determination in your face.  Continue healing and hang in there.

Love and hugs, Trudie

187666 tn?1331173345
by ireneo, Aug 16, 2009
Ashley - thank you for the news. That Becky is some kind of woman. Major surgery and yet is talking, sitting up and even trying to stand (with help I hope). I'd be like a Wooly Worm caterpillar, touch me and I'd curl up in a ball. Please give her lots of hugs from us. And you deserve quite a few as well, taking time out of a hectic schedule to let us know how things are going. Thank you again.  

356929 tn?1246389756
by Sandymac, Aug 16, 2009
Just wanted to send my best to Becky, you  and the rest of her amazing family!  It is so good of you  to keep us "in the loop" . I can't imagine what you, your mom and sister are going through.. My thoughts are with all of you. Thanks again,


349465 tn?1289081764
by Teresa222, Aug 16, 2009
Hurry and get to feeling better so you can be with your son. I know he misses you!  Try to keep a fighting attitude. You are one true warrior!

378425 tn?1305628294
by dawnlyn, Aug 17, 2009

Thanks for update....Becky you are in my thoughts and prayers......Love, Dawnlyn

438514 tn?1305734140
by Searching48507, Aug 17, 2009

Thanks for keeping us informed.  Wishing Becky a speedy and event free recovery.  


Avatar universal
by pattie1218, Aug 17, 2009
Thinking of you Becky, you are a fighter girl! Stay strong sweetheart...

643704 tn?1304684432
by Flicka0459, Aug 18, 2009
Becky and Ashley,

Becky, you keep fighting as hard as you can to get back to your son.  Ashley, from one little sister to another, just hang in there and be the best little sister that you already are. Becky needs you now more than ever. Thanks for giving us the updates.  Give her a great big hug from us and make sure she gives you one back, from us.   Lisa

196469 tn?1365387975
by justscore, Aug 18, 2009
Any more news?  I have been checking her Blog and there isn't anything new...........hope all is well!


135691 tn?1271097123
by Tybear, Aug 19, 2009
Well, I'm assuming you all have the same thoughts as me...I sure miss getting Becky's journal updates! but, the good news is, I am going to Toronto to see her tomorrow and I'm bringing the laptop for her so, she'll be able to write. Yeah :)
She is recovering well - as well as you can after what she's been through! Her mom brought Tyson in to see her yesterday which I'm sure lifted her spirits and she also got to see her niece and newphew, Mia and Blake! She said Tyson was quite interested in the staples in her belly - taking after his mom's amazement with those medical 'things' (the same stuff that makes Aunt Ashley light headed!)
She has been up and around a bit - she has to be careful as her leg (w/ the artery that got damaged) as it gets irratated/swollen.
On Monday, she was able to get a private room - hopefully that will make her stay there a little better - having her own space. She did have a couple of blood transfusions - one on Saturday and one Sunday I think it was.  
Well, there's a bit of an update. Hopefully next time it will be Becky writing on here!
Thank  you all for your love and support and prayers - it means the world to her (and all of us) - just what she needs. I brought in the mesages that had been posted up till Sunday night for her on Monday and the rest she'll get tomorrow.
It is easy to tell that she's a fighter and will do everything in her power to conquer/control this battle!

135691 tn?1271097123
by Tybear, Aug 19, 2009
If I'm not posting anymore on here - it was nice to communicate with you all! As I said, I know how much you all mean to my sister and I'm really thankful that she has that! I will pray for you all who are going through similar/different kinds of things and I wish you all the best - very inspiring!

146692 tn?1314331773
by butterflytc, Aug 19, 2009
Thanks for keeping us posted Ashley, please give Becky a gentle hug..will keep you all in my prayers


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