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Day of Scan and VEP

May 21, 2008 - 1 comments
















I had my 3rd MR scan yesterday. It was one and a half hours long!  At first they said they were not going to do it with contrast as there was nothing in my notes to suggest me having it. I mentioned that my Neurologist had said I should have had it done at my second scan and that I should definitely have it done at my next one. After a bit of persuasion they said they would use the dye.

I managed to be very calm this time, must be getting used to them. Despite the noise I nearly fell asleep!

VEP went fine.The normal eye test and colour test was OK I think, just have to wait for the electrode one.

I will be called in to see my Neurologist once the results are through. Hope I don't have to wait too long.

[Also wanted to note that after an orchestral concert on the 17th of may I had a very strong burning sensation very close to my spine on the right hand side level with my shoulder blades. It kept me up all night. It continued the day after as well as a similar sensation further down my spine also on the right. After some yoga it seemed to get better].

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by michael1028, May 21, 2008
   Good luck with your eye test results. I am in search of answers to eye problems my self. good luck my friend.


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