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Lower Abdominal Pain

Nov 26, 2007 - 3 comments





abdominal pain




Lower Back Pain


pelvic ultrasound



It all started on November 10.  I awoke with a dull pain in my pelvic region.  I stayed in all weekend, thinking I was getting sick.  The pain never went a way.
On Monday, Nov. 12, I went to the dentist and later that night I started feeling nausiated.  However, the nausea never went a way.  I've never been able to throw up, if I've had to, I've always made myself by sticking a tooth brush down my throat.  I also started having pain in my lower back.  That pain comes and goes.  Plus, my left side (ovary) hurts more at times.
Nov. 16, 2007, I went to the free clinic and had a pelvic exam done, along with STD tests.  They gave me a voucher to get an ultra sound done.  Nov. 17, 2007, I went to my regular doctor and he said he didn't feel anything unusual, but prescribed Reglan for my nausea.  I took a home pregnancy test and it was negative.
Nov. 23, 2007, I got the results of my ultra sound and there were no abnormalities.  No masses.  Only that I have a thickened endometrial stripe, that measures 1.1cm (10mm), which is normal when you get closer to your period.  My period isn't due until November 30.  My tests all came back clear, I don't have any STD's.  No UTI.
No one seems to know what's wrong with me.  The doctors are stumped!
I need a blood test, but I don't have insurance yet, so that's going to have to wait...  :(

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by moezoe17, Nov 26, 2007
i went through something similar don't wait if the pain continues and gets worse go to the doctor make sure you don't have a blockage in the intestines doctors missed mine after i was in hospital for over a week sent me home 2 days later i was rushed to er and almost died my bowel had preforated and i was septic don't ignore

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by AHigherVibration, Mar 16, 2008
How are you?  Have you gotten any relief?  I have had nausea for over a month now.  Keep going to the free clinic... thats what I do.  Keep going until you get answers.

It's been so long since your last post, I hope you are feeling better.


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