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''Ignorance''that nearly killed me!!!(1.August 2005)

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On Friday,the 30th of July 2005,my husband had to call an ambulance at 4 a clock in the morning,because I had extreme abdominal pains and I was activaly bleeding out of both lower EXITS(anal and Vaginal)I do take warfrin(Blood thinnening medication to prevent Bloodclots-Deep vein trombosis-DVT's)So that already was bothering me,that I was loosing a lot of blood.In Hospital I clearly told them that I had extreme abdominal pain and during the 7 examinations by 7 different Doctors it was clear that I was bleeding a lot from both ends. I also had a fever and startet with sickness.But they did a chest X-Ray,an ECG and some blood Tests,that already showed that I was missing a lot of blood.And then they told me I was Constipated.Over the weekend I argued with Doctors and told them that this did not make any sense.As I was going normally and why would I be bleeding from both ends if I was constipated.But I was basically ignored and even though my condition was worse on the Sunday(1st of August 2005)I was to be sent home.When the nurse then turned up with an enema,I just asked her one question''HOW IS A PARAPLEGIC WITH NO ANAL REFLEX TO HOLD IN AN ENEMA?AND I AM NOT CONSTIPATED''She looked at me and then she said that I was kind of right with the holding in thing and then left the room.I had enough of this and called my husband for him to take me home and the next day to Poole Hospital,maybe they would listen to me and treat me and above all look in the right place for the problem,not in my chest,in my tummy.I still can't work out how they could see constipation on a chest X-Ray.But we never got that far.As we waited for the Paperwork to get sighned,the most traumatic experience in my life unfolded.For the 1st time in my life I was faced directly with death!!!
I lied on the bed and suddenly I startet to jerk and felt as if someone was stabbing me over and over again into my tummy.The pain was unbelievable and I begged my husband to find help.He run through the ward and found nobody at all.I was by the screaming in agaony and begging for this pain to be taken away.So in the end Terry hit the red button to the right of my bed and suddenly there was nurses in the little room and doctors came through the door in masses.My whole body jerked over and over again,what made my damaged back hurt as well,as it kept pulling on the damaged areas.This pain,well I would not wish it to my worse enemy,believe me!!!The Nurse came to my bedside and asked me whats wrong and I just begged for that pain to go.And then,all of the sudden,I had to ask for my pyjama pants to be removed.I jerked and jerked and screamed in agony. And when the door opened again and one of those IGNORANT Doctors I had seen in the last 2 days came in a huge lot of Blood shot out of me directly at her.She was suddenly full of my blood,that was shooting out of my Vagina and also out of my rectum.A huge Collection of Blood had built a so called Heamatoma and held it inside a kind of Bubble,which erupted.Due to the amount of Pressure thoughOne of my major arteries inside me popped as well and so I was bleeding out fast.I was just in shock by then and screamed in agony,I took my husbands hand and looked at him.I can remember his eyes full of fear of loosing me as if it was yesterday.Never before have I seen tears of fear in his eyes.Later on I asked him how he felt and he startet to cry-something I had never seen before either-and he told me how much he feared of loosing me and that this experience had traumatised him so much as well.There was blood everywhere.The walls,the floor,the nurses and Doctors,Terry simly everywhere.They did not even have any Surgeons available to operate on me,to stop the bleed.And so they packed me somehow down there and got an ambulance Crew to take me to Poole Hospital.Terry then asked if they were'nt going to give me some blood and fluids,and they said that I had not lost enough yet.SO he put his hand between my legs and pushed down the mattress and his whole hand was covered with blood,and he liftet it out and asked if that was not enough!!!And so they ordered some blood that came with me to Poole.With the sirens on and driving extremly fast I was taken to Poole Hospital and by the time I arrived I had lost so much blood that I lost conscisness.I came round in Resus,where Doctors where trying desperatly to get needles into me,but because of the huge loss of blood my veins had nearly all collapsed.But the did finally manage to get some in and where pumping both blood and fluids into me,to stabelise me for theatre.And i was in agony and cried and cried.I asked for my husband.Usually they never allow family in the resus bays,but as they were not sure if I would pull through this one and to help calm me down a little,to help reduce the bleeding,they called him in.And he stayed with me for the whole 3 hours I was in their to be stabelised enough for this operation.His presence helped calm me down and they were able to stabelise me and I just held his hand and his job was to keep me awake.I was not allowed to pass out again.Once the painkillers reduced the pain I was much more relaxed and soon went into theatre.For 4 hours the Doctor operated and saved my life.I needed a lot of Blood and suffered a lot of pain afterwards.I asked the Doctor who saved my life what it was and what the Doctors in Bournemouth Hospital should have done to find the problem.And she told me that a simple Ultrasound examination of my abdomen would have shown that collection of blood and in Theatre they could have easily solved the problem.But they did not and that caused the pressure to rapture an internal artery as well.After all this plus the fact that I was in the wheelchair because of Doctors not doing what they should have done,My trust in these DOctors was near zero.Of course this Lady saved my life.But whay could these Doctors not do the right stuff in the first place and listen to me?I still have nightmares from that situation today and this experience did also send me further into this depression I suffered.And what makes it all worse is the fact that I can't even have Justice done,because the Governement protects them more then me.And that hurts.And it's defenatly not fair!!!Or what do you think about this?Physical recovery in Hospital from this took me 3 weeks and more then 6 month after this at Home!!!But Psychological recovery has never happened!!!

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by greendayscool, Sep 10, 2010
this never happened to me,but i would have made sure that i got justice even if i had to try to get my case to the supreme court! that sounds like a major problem where it can effect you for the rest of your life and the government cannot just protect a hospitol like that when someones life could of ended! let me know if your doing better by now because nobody should have to go through what you did that nearly killed you and you got nothing out of it... because i know there are a lot of untruthful liars that try to find something small to get hurt out of and they get thousands of dollars, example a 5 mph "car wreck" $27,000. also my friends grandma was dead(about 7 yrs ago) for 15 mins because her hospitol made some mistakes but she didnt get anything out of it neither.
  i just think that the real hurt people should get what they deserve and the fakers should only get arrested or fined not payed for a fake accident

    PS i hope you get your justice... :)

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