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toughest times while pregnant.

Jul 11, 2014 - 0 comments

I swear the creator is really testing my strength. This is by far the hardest times in life so far. Lost so many people in my community. Family and friends to many deaths in the two months of the three of my pregnancy.  In my tradition pregnant are not to be around mourning people or at funerals. We have to protect our babies. From being taken. They say if we do we may lose our baby. So it's been hard stuck at home not being able to support our family. Not being able to comfort the ones that are taking it hard. And now the justice system wants to do a retrial on the guy that murdered my cousin. It's opened old wounds. And to be strong i don't know what to do its just awful. I can't talk about this to anyone else it's hard not being able to talk about it all. I gotta stay strong.

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