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Anxiety, nervousness = Hashitoxicosis

Aug 18, 2009 - 2 comments






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At some stages of Hashimoto's disease, however, and in particular, often during the early stages, the thyroid that is in the process of autoimmune failure may actually spurt into action and become temporarily overactive, making a person hyperthyroid. Sometimes, it's the temporary hyperthyroidism symptoms -- anxiety, heart palpitations, fast pulse, weight loss, diarrhea, insomnia. The hyperthyroidism is just temporary "Hashitoxicosis" -- and the patient is ultimately on his or her way to becoming hypothyroid.  

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by anjalisharma090, Sep 04, 2009
these are the exacat symptoms I get

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by polokoff, Sep 28, 2009
i have just been diagnosed with Hashitoxicosis.    dr. put me on ptu for 6 weeks and then said something about the radioactive iodine. treatment.   write now the palpitations are driving me crazy.  seems like i get them in the middle of the day for about an hour........ could this mean the thyroid hormone is kicking out at this time.

its very scary.

thank you

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