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I Have WHAT????

Jul 15, 2014 - 13 comments

Hi to ALL my Dear MH Friends. FIRST I want to thank each and everyone of you who sent out a Prayer or Good Vibes!
I really, really, really know that all of this, and it's timing was in God Hands. He heard your Prayers as well and things are going to be OK for now..
ALL of YOU touch my Heart in MANY Ways!!!
I got down to the Hospital on July 11th as I had written in my last Journal. They took me in and ran the die up through the groin area. This is called a Coronary Artery Procedure which is done A LOT these days. When he went in he was trying to get into one that was completely blocked and yet another one that was about 90% blocked. I did not know what he had found until he took me back into the room..He came in and told me he might have to do a Double Bypass..I just freaked out..HOW could of this happen?? I also told him that my insurance does NOT kick in until Oct 1st of this year and is there any way I can lay low and come back with out having a Attack. HE then thought for a minute or two and told me he was going to take me back in..SO after he was done with a few more procedure he took me back in and put a Stent in the one that was 90 % blocked and it opened it up all the way..Then he was looking at the one that was 100% blocked and noticed that it had found some other way around it self to work a bit..NOW you can NOT tell me GOD was not with me all the way. Now he says if I keep up the Meds for my blood and heart I can pull out of this..It is going to take some more Changes that I had already been working on since 2012 when I c/t my meds. I have to do some rehab for exercising right now..they want me to take it Low until I can build up..Can not over pump the Heart right now. NEVER in my wildest dreams did I ever think of my Heart. I never realized how small those 3 arteries are that LAY over the Heart. They look like 3 tree branches.
They all said that this is a very COMMON Disease here for many reasons and that they do thousands of them yearly.
I was a bit shocked because I have always been into eating pretty healthy & exercising too. I did not start Smoking Cigs until my Late 30s,early 40ish. AND all those years of going to the Dr every month, did anyone tell me I had High Cholesterol or Triglycerides.
The risk factors of getting this Disease is Family History, Unhealthy Cholesterol levels, High blood pressure, Diabetes and SMOKING, being over weight and lack of Exercise!! I also heard that Low Estrogen can tribute to this too. I had none of this BUT the SMOKING..Until NOW! I am going to go look at some older records of my blood panels. I just know that No Dr ever said anything about the cholesterol and smoking is the number one thing that can rise the Bad and Lower the Good.
I do know that when I came clean back in Sept 2012 I was so sick in detox that I could not cook or prepare meals right. This went on for a long time because my Hub and I eat a bit different. This is going to change BACK to Eating very healthy for BOTH of us. I do have some books on and about all of this and how to keep it low or no sodium, Veg and Fruits that are high in sugar and veg that are high in Carbs that are No-Nos. What lean meats to keep eating and what vit/min are so good for the heart. The whole Eating Healthy for your self I had been doing for ever until I came clean. SO for the past (almost) 2 years I had not been eating as healthy as I used too and I did gain some weight. I still kept busy enough to get some kind of exercise but I guess not enough. HOWEVER I do think that the natural plant based vit and the min saved my *** from having a heart attack..I also feel that these vit/min are one of the reasons that the one blockage found a way around it's self and my God. OH!! But most of the Drs do not even believe in the vit/min. When I was using for all these years I would get so wired up that I would smoke and smoke and smoke. Then when I was detoxing and could not sleep that is all I did..SO I do know that this was caused from the CIGS for sure. This is what most of the Dr told me too, BUT I had one DR come in and tell me that it started at my late teens..Well if that is so then it is our way of Life and the Food that they make these days..Nothing is Pure unless you grow it yourself or go out and get food by fishing or hunting I guess..What a Drag! This is why this Disease is one of the number one killers out here if not caught in time.
I must say that these last 2 years will be the 2 that I will never forget..Going from a detox that went on physically for months and then the mental finally was coming around in the 18months, until I lost most of my Family in that 90 day period one right after the other and a few good friends too..Then out of no were comes these hot flashes and night sweats that I figured was hormones Again! Then the shortness of breath thinking it was all Acid Reflex to having some small middle chest pains. WOW! That was quite the experience and I sure am GRATEFUL to be alive today..EVERYTHING that has happen came in its own Time Frame and I know the Lord had his hand on this..Each Step I have learned from..I had been getting Support for my Drug addiction, so I have learned how to change some behaviors and avoid some triggers..This right here is going to help with the SMOKING! I had not had a cig since July 11th and I do not plan to have one ever again..This is YET another Addiction that I have to work on one day at a time..This one too is the one that could of killed me if I would of continued down this road..SO I do know that things will and can happen for many reasons..YOU Just have to take these reasons and turn them around for the Best..NOW I do PRAY that I just added some more years on, besides the years I hope for by giving up drugs.

I want to THANK YOU ALL again from the bottom of my Heart to the Top for all your Kind Words and SUPPORT. All of you showed so much care and kindness, with a bit of Love.. I am really Blessed to be on this site with you all..God Bless Us ALL!!

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6990909 tn?1435275816
by jugglin, Jul 15, 2014
Oh Vic...I'm so pleased to hear that they were able to stent the one artery and the other is working itself thru.  God is good.  God listens AND answers prayers.  You are far too needed here for God to take you...WE need you around as does hubs...for many. many years to come.
You REST and follow Dr's orders.  Thank you for the reminder about getting back to better eating habits.  Yes, my quit smoking date is being set as we speak.  It's a tough one for sure - the last time I quit was after lung surgery and it lasted over 5 years, so I know it is doable AND necessary.
Thank you for sharing your story...your journey with us sweet friend.
Hugs and prayers out to you honey!

7282682 tn?1397237735
by nonights, Jul 15, 2014
Thank you sweet Jesus! The diet is the hardest for me! You are such a treasure Vic. Your story almost six months ago spurred me to CT. I so admire your attitude! You will make these changes and thrive. I cant wait to share in your journey. Go vic. Go vic,!

3197167 tn?1348968606
by clean_in_ks, Jul 15, 2014
The timing of all of this is just AMAZING!!  I am so glad you had the nuclear stress test and heart cath done to reveal what the true problem is, Vickie.  I'm sure you and your hub are super grateful....and yet gagging a bit at even MORE CHANGES ahead....LOL  You're gonna be ready to have your pic on the front of a Health Page Magazine one of these days soon, aren'tcha?  LOL
You lead the way with the quitting smoking......and let us know how you are doing.  Congrats on DAY 5!!!!  YOU ROCK!!!

I decided since your printer wasn't working, I'd print out the Mayo Clinic article on Small Vessel Heart Disease.  I'll send it to ya and that way your hub can read it too.  It's truly a GRAND article...full of informative/valuable info.  

You're a trooper girl......and I'm SO GLAD you're ok and can treat this with lifestyle changes and meds!!!

Much love,

4522800 tn?1470325834
by VICourageous, Jul 15, 2014
You Girls are just to good to me.

Jug..You had Lung Cancer and went back to Smoking?? Well maybe you were really young or you know how we are as Addicts..It will never happen to me!! lol

Nonights. I have Lots of info I would be willing to share on this diet or Life style change of eating..I too gave in and did not care what I ate during my detox..Oh, I was so wrong..Diet & Vit/Min and Exercise does help SO much Before & After..Smoking does so much damage and this makes everything hard to heal right too.

CIK my Soul Sister..You have followed me since day one not only on my detox but ALL of the signs I have been having following up to almost having this Heart Attack. YOU put your research hat on and found some Great Info..I would really love it if you would paste it over in the Social Form if it is Not too long. I could put up in my Status for whoever to go over and Read the signs of what can cause this Disease and why it would be time to get that test done...This is OUR HEART we are talking about..This is the Ticker of it all..I would really like this to be known more then they already say..It needs to be really understood more.  Cigs give them up now as YOU know I was trying, but I did not try hard enough until it was almost too late..I love Ya!! Thanks for being a really true supporting loving friend
Bless U Ms Connie Lee, Nonights and Jugs..Be Safe!!
Ms Vickie Lee

Avatar universal
by vicki595, Jul 15, 2014
Thank God for all the advances in cardiac care!  Coronary artery disease is so common now and we all try so hard to avoid risk factors but some of this is out of our control, especially as women.  The good news is that a few dietary changes along with meds (if needed) can really keep it all in check.  I'm glad this got caught sooner than later and I know you'll throw your whole self into the program!!   It's been a wake up call for all of us-  

You might want to check into a diet of fresh juice (vegetable). I was introduced to it and I'm really feeling wonderful!  

I'm so glad you're fine now!!  xoxo  "Vicki in NM"

1742220 tn?1331356727
by meegWpaw, Jul 15, 2014
Vickie Pie I am just so glad you are ok and everything is ok.  I really love you a lot and I just admire you so much mtn mama.  I think its your positive attitude and strength of character that help you through all this Vickie, but im sure glad you have so much love from everyone on here cuz that don't hurt!!!!  and from me, too!  I wish I could be as optimistic and brave as you Vick and I wuv you so much girl!!!!   keep taking very good care of yourself with lots of rest and good things and be kind to you!!!
wuv Meg Pie

1235186 tn?1656987798
by atthebeach, Jul 15, 2014
Vickie I am crying as I read this. I had a friend a woman in her early 60's who was on pain meds for about 10 years, she went way past dependent and became an addict. she was so high all the time, was put on stronger and stronger meds. one day about 2 years ago she went into cardiac failure. she died a few days later. she was so high that she ignored or did not feel the warning signs. her body totally shut down on her.
I am thanking GOD that you were clean and knew that you didn't feel good. you were in tune with your body enough to know that something wasn't right and you went to the doctor before you were 100% blocked. because you were clean you girl are here today and able to write about it.
praise GOD. you got clean just in time. you are on the mends.
I know my husband is the healthiest he has been these last couple years since he got clean at the age of 56 then he was most of his life from his drug addiction. he eats very clean, only whole foods, low salt, no sweets, exercises about 10 hours a week. he weighs less than when we got married 23 years ago. he used to have such bad sleep apnea and had to use a cpap machine. since he stopped using methadone and Xanax, lost 50 pounds he doesn't have sleep apnea anymore.
thank you JESUS. you my friend are doing awesome.
continued prayers for a total healing,
much love, Debbie

1926359 tn?1331588139
by lulu747, Jul 15, 2014
Oh thank GOD they caught this and they are treating it.  SUCH a relief.  I understand all to well about the cigarettes girl- they were harder for me to quit than the opiates.  They were the way I dealt with any uncomfortable emotions- especially sadness and stress.  I've quit several times in my life.  The time before this I did it 5 months clean off opiates.  I laid in bed and cried a lot.  Then I just started exercising like CRAZY.  I did so much yoga that by my 35th birthday I looked better than I did on my 25th birthday.  I felt amazing.  Then I went and visited my girlfriend in LA.  I hadn't seen her in years and we used to smoke a lot together and drink wine.  Well, I NEVER thought I'd pick up a cigarette again but I'm ashamed to say I did.  I only smoked one or two a day over a week long period and then I came back home and went back to my healthy smoke free lifestyle.  2 weeks later I found myself walking to the store and buying cigarettes.  It was like an out of body experience.  I smoked again for almost a year and then 3 months ago I quit again.  I use an e-cig.  If I'm honest I'm more addicted to it than smoking.  I'm sure it's not healthy for me and I should let it go soon.  But it is a comfort to me as I go through this awful pain crisis.  The positive is that while it does have nicotine it has no tar, cyanide, formeldahyde, and all that other garbage that they put in cigarettes.
I wasn't strong enough this time to go C/T so I'm tapering....(:  Honestly, I need a crutch right now ):
You will feel much better in about 3 weeks- that's the amount of time it takes to get all the poisons out of your body.  With cigarettes it's so mental and the BEST thing to replace it with is exercise.  That's why I think I'm doing the e-cig.  I can't exercise at all and it's driving me CRAZY!!!!
If you need any diet tips I'm a walking encyclopedia on that one.  I've always followed an extremely healthy diet.  Always.  I never eat junk- it makes me sick.  And as I have Crohn's disease I am very very careful.  So if you have any questions- just ask.
I really think you should try some yoga.  Start with something gentle (restorative yoga, hatha yoga) and work your way up.  It is so amazing for calming the CNS and connects you mind/body/spirit.
I think that yoga can solve almost anything.

I am so happy you are alright.  I am so proud of you for making these changes.
Love you Vic-

2083449 tn?1381354708
by Sonrissa, Jul 15, 2014
Amazing, Vic.... That's all I can say.  Thank God you are OK.  You are a wonderful person, and you still have work to do on this earth. Take good care of yourself and follow Drs orders.  Sending healing prayers to you!  Much love and continued blessings.  XXOO

Avatar universal
by 10356, Jul 15, 2014
I'm so Appreciative that they caught this V and That you are ok.. Gosh Prayers will continue to go up ! It sounds like you have a solid plan in place V and I was glad to read you are getting hubby on board We can not do this alone. Right now rest do as your Dr. instructs you to do. When you first wrote I though they were going to give you a angioplasty where they do the balloon I have known peps that have had that.. Thank Goodness he went back in with the stent V. THANK GOODNESS !! Thank you for giving the update and I agree prayers are heard.. sending love, lesa

1810386 tn?1405549577
by travel_melb, Jul 15, 2014
Just ... Wow.. Vic your post was so heart felt and inspiring.

It's great to see that all went soo well and it's strange how GOD has plans for use and helps us in time of need, I so happy for you that this have been such a great out come!!

And you post was inspiring to me personal :)

4522800 tn?1470325834
by VICourageous, Jul 17, 2014
I am just all chocked up with tears..ALL of you are just a BLESSING..You are my Angles I can not see face to face.

Deb that story really hit me hard..When I would get really wired up I would feel some chest or lung pain, but I just thought it was always the pills or too much, that made the respiratory shut down a bit..I know this ALL has happen it Gods timing..I think about how tuned in I did become after I came clean or I would of ignored it a bit until it was tooooo late..I think I did that already for years..AND what if it would of come down during the time my Family, Friends & Dog was dieing around me..Oh, you bet God has his hands on us all.

I feel blessed that I have the tools and have worked on some of my Behaviors..So far this has really helped me to not smoke..I had to change things around here out side because we did not smoke inside. I now am on yet another mission to learn all I can about how really Dangerous Cigs are and other things that have to due with the Heart & Cancer too. I guess we just think it will NEVER Happen to US!! Yep, the Addicts brain..hahaha
I love you ALL and I will NEVER forget any of you that have supported me all the way.

NOW lets get Lesa a new Liver & get her well..I sure will keep on Praying for her. lol

4522800 tn?1470325834
by VICourageous, Jul 18, 2014
Thank You all Again..NO CIGGS since the 11th of this month..Talk about some old behaviors that had to be changed..So Blessed I had already been working on some of these bad behaviors for the past couple of years.

Bless U ALL Again for ALL of the SUPPORT you have given me on here through all of my sad issues!!  Some bad things in Life was just thrown all at once....BUT I am stronger today then I have ever been..Hahaha!!! As Long as the Ticker keeps

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