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las vegas rapid detox better than waissman method vip care

May 22, 2008 - 2 comments

oxycontin addiction


rapid detox


ultra rapid detox

At 12:00pm. Drove from los angeles to las vegas 4hrs. while i have taken an oxycontin every 1/2 hr to 1hr.
1st day friday Met with Doctor & was given colon cleanse solution & was told not to eat that day.
2nd day early 7am dr yee picked me up in his mbz to the clinic. undressed & wore a gown, refused foley catheter, so wore alot adult diapers. iv's were done, heart monitors & then slept for 10hrs. they woke me up & said you're clean & it was a succuss, i didn't even shake. they monitored me there for a day with a nurse to watch me & take vital signs every 2-4 hours checking for complications. your body feels real sore like you got beat up. you need help to go to the rest room for sure. also, when you get up you get dizzy if too fast called orthostatic hypotension or postural hypotension. you're not hungry for sure, but you sure need to use the restroom alot, most of the detox when you sleep you urinate it all out. a nurse will help you with getting up & watching over you.
3rd day, if you feel you can get up to go to the hotel, rest or go home you can & a Nurse will monitor yopu for a week for as long as you feel comfortable to be on your own. you also have the doctors cell phone number if you feel scared or need re-assurance. but you can ask the nurse. they are very knowledgeable regarding this. most of the time you want to just lay in bed & have no appetite for 4th day, but you really need to take ensure, gatorade or try to eat something. you get diarrhia because opiates give you constipation & now your body has to get used rebuild itself. just try & eat because you need energy to get up. you have to get up and walk at least 50-200ft a day till able to be discharged. the dr will make you eat, by bringing food to you or the nurse. 4th still want to stay in bed, 5th same 6th day able to eat, walk & mostly likely be discharged. After that it's up to you. For me exercise was golden, it builds your endorphins in the brain, boosts appetite, self esteem, memory, creativity & you feel a like a new person. i planned this whole pre-operation & post op care & now there is no way i can take those opiates again. i get it from exercise & planning on opening my business & life again.

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by wehonews, Jan 28, 2009
beware this doctor, who does not pay his bills.
he owes WeHo News $5,000 - and we have information that he owes many others much, much more.
take the doctor's solvency into account before using his services.
There are other, respectable doctors besides Dr. Thomas Yee who offer the same services as this deadbeat.
Ryan Gierach, WeHo News - 323.650.2879

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by jenalyn70, Oct 23, 2013
There are some distinct differences between the 2. First of all, the waismann method procedure uses sedation, not anesthesia. Secondly, Waismann Method performs in a full service JCAHO accredited hospital. Third, patients are only under sedation for 60-90 minutes, which reduces risk to patient than being under longer than that. There are a lot more differences. But do your research and you'll find out which is safer.

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