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Doctor's Appointment - 08/18/09

Aug 18, 2009 - 4 comments

Had my 37 week appointment. All was well with MaKayla. She weighs approx 6lb2oz, but doc says she could be a little bigger. She has also turned a little bit, she is still face down, but now she sits sideways...which is why I have terrible side and back pain!! We need her to go face down, so I have been talking to her (LOL)...I have not dilated anymore, still sitting at 1cm. :-(  My weight remained the same and my blood pressure is normal. All we are waiting on now is for little missy to make her appearance! My next appointment is 08/21, NST

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by Latrice414, Aug 19, 2009
glad to hear your appt went well, keep talking to her and tell her to get back in the right position lol.  I cant believe its almost over, not much longer:)

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by Helen72, Aug 19, 2009
OMG, just 3 weeks left.  Sooo happy for you!!

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by Juana824, Aug 20, 2009
Thanks ladies! I cannot wait...

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by kele1129, Aug 20, 2009
You are doing so well, good job.

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