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Aug 19, 2009 - 5 comments



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My nephew is getting married on Saturday. We have known about the wedding for a while and when him and his wife to be were first planning their wedding he asked my husband to be his best man. Which did not surprise us, because my husband and his nephew are very very close. She was going to have a friend of hers from West Virginia come up to be her maid of honor but her friend told her she wouldn't be able to make it that weekend. So she asked a girl she worked with and this girl told her that she would. So now, this girl is not answering her phone or returning phone calls and the wedding is just a few days away. My nephew called me today and asked if I would fill in IF this girl didn't show up. I couldn't say no. Now I have to go out and find clothes for this. They are doing fall colors and I know I don't have anything in my closet that is fall colors that is dressy. Well, I am wearing black dress pants no matter what, I just need to find a shirt I guess. I called my husband and told him. He just kind of laughed. He said as soon as I mentioned in the text message that our nephew called and asked me something he knew what it was and just laughed. Oh well, if I am in the wedding at least I get to be with my hubby!

2nd day in a row not to bleed. Its almost seems to good to be true. I am just waiting for a big gush to come. It has been so long since I have had no bleeding at all that I almost feel weird. I have also acquired a craving for chocolate that I just seem to not be able to cure. I have had no bake cookies, mounds candy bar and still I feel like I am wanting something. I am wondering if with all the bleeding my body is lacking something and trying to make up for it or something? I really don't know. But I don't want to give in to this craving too much or these almost 7lbs lost will be for nothing.

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by msniki412, Aug 19, 2009
As for the chocolate craving, try something sugar free. I like the Dove dark chocolate candies and also the weight watchers candies too. The Dove you can eat 5 which is the portion size. Oh and also try, if you like chocolate pudding Jell-O makes yummy fat free chocolate pudding. The sugar free I'm not thrilled with, so I just eat the fat free one.

Glad to hear your doing better! Hope the wedding will be great!!! :-)

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by ChitChatNine, Aug 19, 2009
Tyramine is one of the chemicals in chocolate.  The Dove dark choco is really good as mentioned above.

Hope the wedding works out ok.  If I had a dressy top I'd send it your way to borrow, but don't have much in the closet that's dressy lately.


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by KalynS, Aug 19, 2009
I don't have many dressy things either. My closet mostly consists of t-shirts and work shirts, and I doubt either of those would be appropriate for the wedding :) Since I don't seem to have any real plans tomorrow I might as well go through my clothes and see what I do have.

I didn't even think about chocolate pudding! When I went to the store today I could have gotten some....hmmmm. Oh well. I have tried those dove chocolate things before. I believe I had the dark chocolate/raspberry ones or something like that. They were pretty good.

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by bbb30004000, Aug 20, 2009
First of all if u r sweating and feeling shaky when having cravings for sweet things then your body lacks sugar and need to have 5-6 tbsp of tang to stirred to be drank immediately

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by KalynS, Aug 20, 2009
Not feeling shaky or sweating when I have the cravings. And the cravings have passed thank goodness!!!!!

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