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role models, and who should they be??

Aug 20, 2009 - 3 comments

Today after dialysis I was watching a little bit of TV, and sports center was on. They put on a breaking news story that N.Y.Giants player Plaxico Burris, pled guitly in court today of a gun charge and that he would be given a 2 year jail sentence.
Micheal Vick was just released from prison and house arrest, on the dog fightin and dog killing charges. Dante Stallworth of the Browns had to serve time for killing a man while driving DUI. Then in baseball we have the steriod scandels, players like Roger Clemens(never tested postive), Barry Bonds(never tested positive), Jose Canseco, Rafeal Palmerio,and so so many others. Plus all other kind of athelets charge with all kinds of different drug charges, sposal abuse, and many other crimes.
Then we have these all famous hollywood, and music stars.. there are so many types of crimes and other offenses. thy have ben accused of and many convicted. Drugs, DWI's, murder, shoplifting..and so on.
These are the type's of people that are kids, and grandkids look up too as role models. I am sitting here thinking do we as parents, and or grandparents, really want this to be?
Personally I feel the number 1 role model for our kids or grandkids should be looking up too, is Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.Who better of a role model then Jesus? Then after our Lord I feel the father and mother should the kids role models, if they see mom and dad, living a good christian life, doing the things they are suppost too, the kids would be better off. Grand parents play a very important role in this also. Grandkids look up to the paps, and mama's and if they see them walking the christian life, it will make a big impact on thier lives.
Now sport heros are not a bad thing, but famous people are just what?..people and seems like in this day and age most hollywood and sports figures are falling faster then the stock market did last please let's get our kids and grandkids on the right track, and have them look to the right role model. God first, parents, then grandparents, and I truley believe the kids will be whole lot better off, and in turn the world..thank you...God Bless...brian

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by gizzy32, Aug 20, 2009
This is a good journal jollyman. My ex's bro's are famous and I was around and partied with a lot of celebrities a few years back and I saw stuff that made my jaw drop. I saw one of my hero's smack his wife a few times and people you would not believe, sniffing coke and doing drugs. It's all politics and most are told what to say on tv. Celebs and sports hero's are just  people, but there are quite a few that let money go to their head and act nothing like they do on tv. I agree, what better role model to children than loving parents and God. I love sports and some of these athletes amaze me with the talent they have, but for guys like Micheal Vick, you get no respect.

I partied with Van Halen a bunch of times, they were so COOL.

I also partied with the spice girls one night, MOST ANNOYING by far, lol

Hope your doing well jollyman

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by seahorse1963, Nov 23, 2009
You partied with the band Van Halen?  As much as this pains me to say I'm jealous!!!!

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by swampcritter, Nov 23, 2009
People make the assumption that because someone is a terrific athlete or talented entertainer that their actions in all other forms of life must be of similar level. Of course that is silly, someone might be a lousy actor and can't throw a ball but might be fantastic at making moral choices or handling relationships.

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