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Aug 20, 2009 - 1 comments

Well being on sick leave has its ups.... you get LOTS of time to think about things. The one thing that I wonder about is why are women so obsessed with love?! Bachelorette, More to love, Dating in the dark... that's all that plays these days.

Just as a warning, the following is a "gathering" of many different woman's heartbreaks, venting nights with their gfs. Some are personal experiences and most of from others experiences.

From the time we're born it is engraved in our minds that one day, we will have a prince charming rescue us and live happily ever after. Look at our fairy tales.... Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty....

So we believe, that's how our love lives will be. Then, we grow up but still... most of our grownup movies are the same; He lies, he cheats, he breaks our hearts but in the end... we take him back.

What makes women so obsessed with being in love? We tell ourselves that we are nothing if we don't have a man by us. We are miserable without them. We spend most of our adult lives searching for the right man. When women get married, ppl tell you it's the time that your life truly begins. When men get married, they're told life is over!!! So what do we have before that and what happens to the ones that don't get married? Is a woman's happily ever after marriage and a man's happily ever after being single?!

We do so much just to be loved; we change ourselves inside and out. Just like at the beginning of a relationship, the honeymoon stage, both partners put their best forward. We don't show little things that could turn one away. The things is, some women never stop that phase. We aren't our true selves just to please. We change our hair color because he prefers blonds, we go on diets, we jeopardize our connections with our friends and family... we sacrifice! I was always a strong believer that a relationship is not about sacrifices, it's about compromises. The first few months of a relationship is what us women fall in love with. But men, as soon as the honeymoon phase is over, everything comes out. They stop telling us we're beautiful, the romance is non existent, they leave the toilet seat up at your place when he doesn't even live there!!!! lol All of these little things that can sometimes make you love them more or make you wonder... is it best to just do those things from the start so that you know you've fallen in love with the real thing?!

Why do men have 2 categories in their lives that can never be compared or asked about... their friends and their girl friends?!? It's a drag for men to go out their way to plan something romantic for our birthdays or anniversaries but they're the first in line to plan their buddies bachelor party? Why is it that men can cancel on us but NEVER cancel on their friends? Why are men so paranoid that their gf will become a controlling "mother" but the only ppl who whip them are their buddies. If one of the guys doesn't bring their gf along to an event, you can forget about your invitation as well. They will lie to us but the only time they lie to their friends is when they're talking about us. They don't like talking on the phone when all we want is to hear their voice but there's no problem staying on the phone for 15 minutes talking about which club to go to or if they saw that great move during the hockey game the night before. They can't remember the exact date of our anniversaries but they never forget who scored the winning goal in any sport playoffs 5 years ago!!!!

If their friends are always first and so much more fun and not as complicated as women, why don't they marry each other?!?! Are we just there for when we're needed?

But the blame is 50/50... why do we put up with it? Why do we accept the lies and the cheating? Why do we stay and believe that WE will be the one girl that makes them want to change? Why do we allow ourselves to fall in love with someone who will never love us as much as we love them? Why do we give second chances... a dozen times?!? Is it about being with a man or being with THE man? I don't think women even know anymore.

When do you give up on someone? When is it the end? Everyone tells you that things will be ok by saying that he'll come back or you'll find someone new... so the only way for us women to be ok is to get him back or find another one that might give us just as much, if not more, trouble?!?

It's easy to love a child. It's easy to love a sport. It's easy to love a good meal.... so why is it so hard for someone to love the person that loves them?

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by BellaMarie84, Aug 22, 2009
Beautiful, couldn't have said it better! This made me feel so good to know someone else has felt exactly the same as me at some point, thank you!

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