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Big Oops

May 22, 2008 - 2 comments

Today was day 4 of cold turkey and I messed up ROYALLY!  I am so angry with myself.  In short (because I've written it several times already) I relapsed because I have no self control.  My sister offered me something (not knowing about my problem) and I took it without a second thought.  Of course, now I am having second thoughts and tried to make myself sick but couldn't.  SO. . . tomorrow will be day 1 all over again. . .

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by mimi1313, May 22, 2008
How many did you take? Just one pill won't make you go through everything all over again.

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by joann1975, May 22, 2008
did you only take 1? i personally wouldn't consider it a free pass to use all day but do use it as a learning experience so you don't slip up anymore! could you tell your sister about your problem so you don't have this kind of trigger again? best of luck you will beat this!! joann

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