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Sister Hazel came to my work today!

Aug 21, 2009 - 1 comments

Sister Hazel are in town doing a concert tonight and they came to my work today to do a private concert for our participants (I work with adults with special needs).  They were absolutely phenomenal.  Money couldn't have shown us a better time!  After the concert was over the guys stayed to sign autographs and get pictures taken with everyone.  The following conversation is one I had with their lead singer, Ken Block.

KB: You want everyone in the picture?
(He moves between me and another person and puts his arms around us. We put ours around him.)
KB: I'm sorry I'm so sweaty. You now have my DNA on you.
Me: That's all right. I'm used to it. I'm married.
KB (laughing): That was awkward.
Me (realizing what I just said): Well he does. He's a man.
KB: Does he fall asleep on top of you too? Am I snoring?

I thought I was going to die laughing. They are so down to earth and fun!

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by vmvnpv, Aug 25, 2009
Here's the news link.  I had to wipe some tears from my eyes.  These guys are so incredible.

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