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Aug 21, 2009 - 0 comments

So I had the scope done (upper endoscopy) and everything appeared normal.  They took a few biopsies of my stomach and small intestine anyway, though, just for kicks I guess.  My doctor just isn't quite buying that the Topamax is the reason I've lost 45 pounds in about a year.  My neurologist doesn't think that the Top should be doing that anymore either, but he also told me that Midrin shouldn't make me drowsy.  So I'm not putting much into what he says.  But anyway, they didn't find any ulcers or tumors, so that's the good news.  Only about half of my bloodwork came back (don't know what the holdup is there), and that appears "largely normal."  I don't know what that means, and he did not seem to want to discuss it at that time so I did not push it.  I'll just wait until my follow up appointment.  

All in all the procedure was a breeze.  I got a pretty wicked blood sugar headache though from having to fast from midnight the night before until almost 2 in the afternoon, though.  That wasn't so fun, but afterwards they gave me a coupon for Perkins (I cleaned a dinner platter.  That's impressive for me).  I thought it was going to turn into another migraine, but as soon as I woke up from the anasthesia, it was gone.  That stuff was pretty cool.  It hurt like hell when she injected it into my IV, but waking up was pretty nice.  I thought I came out of it pretty quickly and without issue, but apparently I was rambling on about a glass door and Papa Roach for a few minutes that I don't remember.  Ha ha.  Whatever.  I definitely felt pretty good afterwards.  And props to the nurse who did my IV.  Almost 24 hours later, and still no black and blue.  On me, that's an accomplishment.    

Invictus animus
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