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May 23, 2008 - 0 comments

1) Endo 4/3/08  --- have a goiter, got blood, the rest, well i dunno!

US done 4/8  -- have a "hetero goiter - larger on right"

2) ENT 4/30/08 ---- He says "don't worry, meds will fix it and if not come back and see me and we'll take a look" - NOT - HE BLEW ME OFF ON 5/22

3) GP 5/3/08  --- apparently he gets big bucks to give out reflux meds

5/22 - called ENT requested an appointment and CT - got a call back with instructions to see a SURGEON

4) General Surgeon 5/22/08 (I think I'll keep him and hope he doesn't have to cut on me!!)

Note to self - guess for now you have to keep the ENDO too - there are no more here ---- BUT THE GP AND THE ENT ARE TRASHED, FIRED, FINITO (don't know if I spelled that right but you get the point)

It's like shopping for pants - love them in the store but end up returning them because they look better in the store mirror!

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