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To all my friends

Aug 22, 2009 - 0 comments

  Hi everyone.  I want to appologize for not bein on  here very much lately.  I think of you all everyday, but right now we are down to one computer (I left my laptop at my parents house) and as you can imagine, it is a fight getting my turn.  lol.  I hope everyone is doing well.  I have another cyst that has pain that comes and goes, so it is not too bad as of yet.  I am making our reservations for Chicago today.  I am so excited and hope that I am still welcome to come eventhough I have not been on here  much lately.    
  We have been in school for the last 2 weeks (which means I have gone back to work :( and things have been SO busy.  Braden, our oldest, is playing football (he is a FRESHMAN!!) and his practices have been running late.  He had his first Varsity game lastnight, he didn't get to play, but he did get to dress and that is more than what most Freshmen get to do.  He had a scrimmage today and got hurt ( a player on the other team grabbed his face mask while he was on the ground and yanked his head backwards!!!) out on the field,  He was down on the ground for 10 minutes before they got him up.  I was about to lose it.  He came walking off of the filed (with the trainer and two players helping him YIKES) holding his neck.  We had to drive back 33 miles to our hometown to take him to the hospital.  He ended up having a "stinger" which is where your neck gets bent back so far that the bones compress on the nerve and you have a "stinging" sensation down your arms and spine.  After xrays, he was released with orders to ice his neck and he was give permission to play in Monday night's game.  Needless to say my stress level has gone way up.  lol  

  Jaden our middle son started 8th grade this year.  So far for him it has been an uneventful year as he has been grounded up until yesterday.  He got very curious about smoking and got caught smoking in our GARAGE while Keith was here.  Thank goodness he didn't catch the house on fire!!!  Keith let him have a little smoke fest and smoke a pack of cigeretts in a few hours.  Needless to say, after throwing up several times, he has no desire to touch them again.  He is too smart of a kid to be doing dumb things.  I guess it is the age.  He did get a girlfriend at his brother's game lastnight so I guess things are looking up for him.  

Beka, our autistic daughter, is doing FANTASTIC!!!  She has been making a few words and is loving school.  She has been so active and that just makes us so proud.  She is the best child ever.  I am so thankful for such a wonderful, happy daughter!!!

  Ok I will stop boring you with what is going on in our lives ;)  I hope all is well and I am going to try to get on here a lot more often.  I love you all and can't wait to see  you in Chicago!!!  Love, Kasie

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