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Left lower abdominal pain shooting down leg

May 23, 2008 - 3 comments

I am having pain in my lower left abdomen that shoots down my leg.  Over the last eight months, I have seen my internist, gynecologist, urologist, gastroenterologist.  I  have had CTs and ultrasounds to look at the bladder, kidneys, ovaries, intestines.  They have been unable to determine  the cause.  These episodes occur once or twice a month, but can last for days. The pain is very intense and occurring more frequently now.  This recent episode has lasted 7 days and is still going.  I'm at my wit's end.  The pain is really now interfering with my daily life.  Suggestions on what it can be?  

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by zankar, May 23, 2008
No ideas here but i would like to say a prayer for you. I hope you find out what is wrong... GOD BLESS...t....remember GOD is the great physician, the great healer. If you depend and trust on him he will Bless you.

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by ashter, Aug 28, 2008
have you figured it out yet? I have been having the same problem for a couple of months now, and I also had a CT back in march, and everything looked normal. maybe you should check with a chiropractor...could be sciatica. does the pain extend toward your big toe? please let me know how you are! thanks! and also if you don't mind, how old are you? i'm 23.  

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by mojicas, Aug 29, 2008
I'm a female, 46, and yes, my problem was solved.  I saw a neurologist just after I posted my comment for help on 5/23/08 who had me undergo some final MRIs to rule out some more severe problems involving my spine and abdomen, which were negative.  Just to go back on a little medical history, I had an endometrial ablation in May 2007, but I still would get slight bleeding and menstrual migraines during my cycle.  The endometrial ablation was supposed to completely stop my cycle.  The neurologist diagnosed "abdominal migraines" which I never heard of.  In retrospect, the severe pain, which would literally drop me to my knees, would come on sometimes before, during, after or the entire time of when my cycle would take place.  Since starting the Topomax that the neurologist prescribed, I am completely pain free since June 2008.  In fact, even the slight bleeding has stopped.  I am completely period free which I should have been after the ablation.  I'm very relieved.  I hope you find the solution to your problem.  

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