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Aug 22, 2009 - 0 comments





cold turkey





I actually just realized i have been addicted to being addicted to something- anything. at one point i smoked more than a pack a day, tylenol everyday along with Ibuprofin- all the time, tylenol 3 was the strongest thing i had, i had to quit when i got pregnant, i didnt take another pill or smoke since the day i found out- i was also on effexor and all i keep thinking is i did all 3 of those cold turkey - why is this so hard? almost feel like i need to get pregnant again to get clean- i have never taken  anything other than tylenol while pregnant, cause i am not ruining just my life...
effexor was pretty brutal i remember feeling awful for 10 days- my doc was against me going off them, but i didnt want to risk it. this is worse effexor helped anxiety but there was no whoosh of feeling fantastic- powerful- loved.. this stuff is evil

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