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So Proud Of My LiL Man !!!

Aug 23, 2009 - 1 comments

potty trained

Anthony just turned 2 in July and hes already pretty much potty trained
we weren't really getting on to him or nothing at first to use the potty except for the last maybe 2 weeks and well
NO MORE DIAPERS! Hes so happy because he gets to wear his Sponge-Bob underwear and im happy i dont have to change anymore diapers! Although at night we put him in training pants just in case-except for the last 4 nights and so far so good. If im still asleep when he wakes up he wakes me up and tells me he has to pee-pee.
He caught on pretty quick- and we are extremely proud of him.

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by jenkaye21, Aug 23, 2009
Good for you!!  It is SOO nice not to have to buy/change diapers! (I wouldn't know, really, I've been doing diapers almost continually for 10 years. = )

My son just *finally* got trained at age 3.5, he fought it SOO hard.  One day something just clicked and he has done it ever since!  BUT, he got trained on a Sunday, and our 4th child was born that Thursday!  So much for a break, LoL!  Oh well, I'm just glad to have ONE in diapers, and not TWO.

Your son is advanced, what a little overachiever!  ; )

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