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My Lifelong Health Battle And Pain In The Butt Patient!

Jul 28, 2014 - 1 comments

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Mystery Conditions From Day 1. Now A Huge List Of Conditions, Rare Conditions, Infectious Diseases Growing Up That Led To Such A Long And Compiled List, Doctors Don't Want Me As Stated They Are Not Paid Enough To Deal With My Complexity, Failure To Diagnose Leading To Further Worsening And Complex Duel Infection, Bedridden At 39,Diagnosed My Own Dysautonomia Though Confirmed By A Tilt By Electrophysiology On February 25,2013 After 7 Years Of Hell And The Awesome Somatic Label Which I'm Raising Awareness For At, Struggling To Get Medical Assistance As I Am Being Denied By Health Complexity Discrimination And Want Very Much To Get Back To My Surgical Technician Career Along Being The BEST Patient Advocate! I Need My Own Health To Be Better To Be Of The Best Assistance To Patients In Need. My Website Is Up, Amazing Resources, Patient Rights, Skincare Products For Skin Concern Specific Topics As I've Tried Everything On The Planet With The Knowledge To Help All To Flawless Skin, A TAB Saved Especially For All Who Need Awareness/Promotions Of Anything/Health Condition Awareness Or Anything You Want Out There And So Much More! If You Need Help With Test Result Interpretation/Testing You Might Want To Have Done Or Medical Related Information I Can Get It Up For You( Not An MD) But Can Help You At Least Figure Out Next Steps And Hope You All Take Advantage Of What I Have For You:)

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by Patients39, Jul 28, 2014
Here is my website for you all!

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