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Gizzy's Trip

Aug 23, 2009 - 7 comments






Lets all join together and lift Gizzy up in prayer, that his trip will be a safe one.
Not only that he travels safely but that he also travels mindful of his addiction,that he will check for any reservations that may endanger his recovery,

The good times can also be a trap; the danger is that we forget that our first pirority is to stay clean.

Today he will pack his bags and move out of his past into a present filled with hope
As he goes to swoop up his lovely Cindy       and bring her back home with him, he will have the opportunity
to draw closer to the one he loves
On a personal note I might add......Gizzy you are my friend and most deserving of Cind's love  Be Blessed
                                                                                                                Debra W. and I am an addict

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by gizzy32, Aug 23, 2009
You are so sweet:) Things are different this time and my family is behind us 100% now too. I have to switch planes in Chicago, then on to NM, but once flight is over I will feel so much better. Thanks freebird, my last weekend of complete singlehood again, lol. GULP:)

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by freebird227, Aug 23, 2009
Will you be carring a lap top or will you be calling in on your flight down so someone can report back to the forun how things are going
Please try to stay in touch.....I know once you get Cindy you will me Missing In Action

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by gizzy32, Aug 23, 2009
No laptop coming with me. I will stay in touch and although I was MIA last time for a couple weeks, I won't be this time when she is here, I need this forum. Cindy is gonna join here too soon, lol. I think that is good, lol.

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by dominosarah, Aug 23, 2009
Just enjoy your time and take lots of pictures.  Always keep your guard up when it comes to our addictions gizzy.  We will be waiting to hear from you.......Lots of love to you and Cindy~~~~~~~~~mp

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by teko, Aug 23, 2009
I hope all is as wonderful as you dream it to be, And I am sure it will be! Will be waiting for updates! Enjoy!

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by troubleinohio, Aug 23, 2009
have a great time buddy...and I sure hope your canadian asss doesnt melt down there in that heat, lol

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by gizzy32, Aug 23, 2009
I will take lots of pics, got new camera and will get some in each state we pass through. Trouble, we have finally had summer here, last week was upper 90's and 100's, so I will manage I hope, lol. We are taking turns driving, but I am used to kilometres, not miles, so it may take awhile, haha. About a 36 hour drive, not bad at all, lmfao.

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