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To those who are frightened by labor

Jul 31, 2014 - 3 comments




Sure there are many horror stories about labor, but the important thing to remember is that every labor is different, no amount of reading or researching can prepare you for it until you have actually experienced it. HOWEVER, who says you have to go your entire pregnancy living in fear and stressing yourself out about labor why not read inspirational stories to give yourself hope opposed to scaring yourself. I was one of those women who could not think about labor without crying. I was terrified and lived scared for 20 weeks. Until I found this story on a support forum especially for women who were afriad and I want to share it with any women who were like me.

am 5'2 with a small frame and had an 8lb 6 oz 23 inch baby with NO painkillers. I had a certified nurse midwife, a doula and gave birth in a hospital. Do not be afraid of childbirth. I was so upset at the thought of the pain of labor and delivery during my pregnancy that sometimes I would cry inconsolably. When you go into labor it starts out feeling like you are having diarrhea/menstrual cramps. All I could picture at the beginning was a triangle coming out of my stomach. The ache would start at my sides and come to an apex at the front. It gradually progresses to intense feelings in your uterus like something is being tightened around it mixed with severe diarrhea/menstrual cramp pain. Yes contractions get extremely uncomfortable, but if you can keep control of your breathing, let yourself make whatever sounds/exhalations feel natural to you and close your eyes and let yourself go into a very internal place you will be fine. I promise. The hard part for me was pushing, which lasted 3 hours and was very hard work and tiring. I had my baby after 18hours total of labor/pushing and made it to 9cm at home with nothing for pain relief and no painkillers/drugs at the hospital. It is so important to remember these things: 1. Breathe as best you can; do not allow yourself to get frantic. 2. The pain and uncomfortable-ness of labor stops as soon as your baby is out. 3. This is the only pain that I know of that has a positive outcome. Stay focused on the fact that in a matter of a few hours, you get to meet the beautiful child that you have had in you for the past 9 months. I was never a child person, I did not babysit or anything. As soon as I met my little girl, I was in love. And I was in complete shock that I had made it through everything alive, with no stitches or tears and no drugs. Childbirth is a total (pardon my language) mindf!!k but it is so real and so amazing that yes most women do forget after a couple of weeks the pains during the throes of labor and want to do it again. Women all over the world do this everyday in much less sterile places and with no support. Just remember, your body knows how to do this whether or not you think it does. It is such a primal thing and it happens to almost all of us. Remain positive and try to think about how every minute that passes is that much closer to your baby being in your arms.

posted 03/06/2007 by crashingforward

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8765505 tn?1399764936
by ash060115, Aug 04, 2014
How lovely I'm goin to read this each time I'm frightened.  

(This is my second baby but I never had labour- )

8765505 tn?1399764936
by ash060115, Aug 04, 2014
Thank you for sharing this x

10117941 tn?1421474268
by nannewmom, Sep 23, 2014
Wow thank you for posting this. I have 86 days left and I am starting to feel real nervous
about giving birth. I know my body will know what to do, but its still scary a bit. Am a FTM.
Thanks for posting the story:)

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