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Aug 24, 2009 - 4 comments












Well today is the day before the big surgery to remove two tumors in my abdomen. I have been turned every which way but loose to get the surgery on the move. Needless to say they have turned me inside out. They found some blockage in my neck veins that might postpone the surgery. Actually I think they just want more money for more test etc. I feel horrible and don't give a damn about much of anything right now. Can't seem to knock the feeling off. The house is a mess, nothing organized like I wanted it to be for the hubby. The only way I can get this off my mind is to sleep, so I try to sleep all the time. I keep waiting to get a little more positive attitude but it just doesn't show up. I'm certainly glad we don't have a hand gun in the house.  Surgery is scheduled for noon tomorrow and I sure hope they go through with it so I can either call it the end or get home for recovery. At this point in time I don't care one way or the other. Sure could use a vicodin right just teasing, I don't ever want that **** again. I took a couple a few weeks ago and they made me sick so no more for me. I just want to be in recovery and be done with it.

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by SophieShine, Aug 24, 2009
Hi Jan! I am soooo sorry to hear what you have to go thru but, let's see it this way this could be the end of your nightmare. Think positive sweetie. think about stuff that you like, think about the new painting you're gonna make for me! lol. Just trying to get a lil smile on your just breaks my heart to know you're hurt and so down. Don't ya worry about hubby, he'll manage. I'm sure he prefers you to think about your recovery...
This is gonna be the end of your misery Sweetie pie and we'll laugh about this within no time.
You will be in my prayers of course that goes w/o saying. Love you so much.
Hang in there, it's so worth it, you are worth it.
hugs and kisses. xooxo. sophie.

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by nanal575, Aug 25, 2009
Jan....I pray all goes well're a very strong woman......between that.....and God's faithful'll be just fine. My prayers and love go with you......Norma

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by turkee23, Aug 27, 2009
gram i told you that your going to be just fine!!... you just getting a tune up!.... i wrote your hubby, i know he is busy taking care of you and the house, so im waiting for a response from him to let me know everything is ok and then i will tell evenryone on here that is wondering!...... love love love you!.....

yea im on that list of paintings too!.....

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by merrymaria, Aug 27, 2009
don t worry about the will be there tomorrow...just concentrate on yourself to get well.  i m saying prayers for you that all will be well...maria  :)

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