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May 23, 2008 - 0 comments



Pregnancy care

Well today I am not feeling much of the baby move around, I guess my little angel is moving like crazy today! I just cant wait to actually feel a real kick. Its only a bubbly feeling right now but I know its my baby :D They say that you should get to know your body so you know your baby is there. So everytime Im doing something I would still always think and take the time to see if I noticed anything different and I think that why I am able to feel my sweet baby already. Well I am hoping for a boy and I will find out in 4 more weeks, so good like to me, you never know my baby could be difficult and curl up and I wont be able to find out yet, but I hope not. I got Dylan to read a book to the baby last night, but he thought it was so weard, Im like well the baby is moving and dont worry soon enough you will be able to feel the baby move too.I just started actually noticing a belly on me a few weeks ago and I keep getting bigger. I read my 16 week thing and it says for the next two weeks my baby will grow fast, double its size now, wow I cant wait! I can still sleep on my stomach, as that is my favourite position to sleep but I do notice how much different it feels doing it. I hope Im able to sleep on my stomach for a while still, since also thats really the only position I can fall asleep on. I am a very light sleeper and I always have been, its so bad that sometimes I feel like I need medication for it, but I just dont worry about it so much. Well I think I will read a book to the baby as well tonight, Im starting to finally feel like this pregnancy feels more real, because before I still coulnt believe I was pregnant even though I saw the ultrasound, but things are feeling soo much different its great, this is one of the things I cant understand how people can tell me to give up my baby for adoption its too amazing when your going through the pregnancy. And the only real reason people say that to me because I dont have alot of money, but it dosent mean I cant love it the best and get through. No one has actually said I should, they just say I should consider it, but I dont get bugged either. I have been living on my own so they cant tell me what to do anymore, well my parents.....they arnt much parents anyways thats why Im living on my own. But this is great I love it and I hope everyone loves there pregnancy as much as mine....

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