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just a down day

Aug 24, 2009 - 8 comments

i doubt if anyone will read this and that is ok as I am writing this more for my benefit then anyone else.  I just am having a down day.  Even Christ had down days.  I found out today that the terrible pain in my left hip is from severe arthritis. I can't take tylenol or antiinflammatories due to my hep c.  I can not take heavy narcotics for pain as we don't get along.  A hip replacement would  be indicated with my arthritis  as bad as it is but my age dictates no.   I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I know I have alot to be thankful for but i am not feeling that way at this time.  I've cried and i've journaled, i prayed and called my mom.  I know this too will pass.  I do not need anyone to tell me how lucky I am, how well off i am, or how good i look.  I still feel very fragile and needed to just let someone know that might have a word or encouragement or knidness..thanks stubby

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by jimi1822, Aug 24, 2009
                                                 Don't wish me happiness---I don't expect to be
                                                 happy all the time, but it's gotten beyond that,
                                                 somehow. Wish me Courage and Strength and
                                                 a sense of humor----for I will need them all.

                                                                                                       ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh, American aviator
                                                                                                                                       (1906 -2001)

                                                                                             Stubby, Prayers, Blessings, Love and light....
                                                                                                                             <3 jimi Little wing =0) <3

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by boldsojah4christ, Aug 24, 2009
Stubby the race is not 4 the swift nor 4 the strong but 4 those thAt can endure 2 the end! My friend we are in this race together & when one falls we help them 2 get back up! We all have down days we all do! I will keep you in prayer! Bs4c:

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by teko, Aug 25, 2009
Unless you have experienced the pain of Arthritis, you just cannot understand. I have it in my neck from an old work related injury and let me tell you, when it acts up (usually when a whether system is coming my way, once it gets here I am ok), I am not one to be reckoned with. It is down right debilitating! I moved from Ohio to Florida and the warmer climate helps me soooo much!  I have not had a severe flare since being here.  I hope you can get a hip replacement soon, as that is the only thing that in my opinion is going to help you, other than move. My prayers are with you my friend. Hang In! Let go! And let God!

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by TrudieC, Aug 25, 2009
I'm a fellow arthritis sufferer (Lupus) and understand.  You might want to visit the web site  It is for people with disabilities that aren't seen by others.  It is so hard when people tell us we don't look sick.

I would encourage you to try massage therapy or acupuncture for your pain.  I hope you can find some relief and I will keep you in my prayers.

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by saveone, Aug 25, 2009
Wishing peace, strength and patience to walk the road you are on.


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by April2, Aug 25, 2009
Stubby, I'm so sorry you're hurting right now. You are always so encouraging to others. Don't feel bad for needing some encouragement right now for yourself! We all do at some time or another. We all need each other's support and prayers. I pray your pain will ease and you can feel some relief real soon. I pray you will be able to get that surgery you need. Hang in there. We are here for you. God bless you, my friend.

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by PastorDan, Aug 25, 2009
Praying for a change in the circumstances, not the weather.  God will be with you through it all, of course, but so will all the wonderful people listed above.

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by jonney4141, Sep 03, 2009
Hi there! I am so sorry also that you are going thru this, and God gave us all of these feelings for a reason so don't feel bad about your attitude, mine has been not so good lately too, no matter how much i keep saying i need to be greatful (which i am) i still talk that negativity. I have been feeling so dizzy wbc @7.9, i was a very strong (physically) person, my nickname was mighty mouse (i am very small) a few months ago at work they said that i was a tough old broad (lol), I could run circles around the young ones. today i could not work even if i had a job, my husband asked me to help him move something last week and i could not do it, he became frustrated telling me it was not that heavy and i became so hurt thinking that he thought i was faking it? anyways i screamed at him and said that i hope something like this happens to him one day!!! it's frustrating when one day you are well, and next day your whole life changes because of illness, it's frustrating not being able to do for yourself, and it's hard having to ask for help (at least it is with me) especially when my step mother is asking me if she can come and clean my house, i should be the one cleaning her house.  I have never become suicidal thru this and i think it's because i know now that i am a miracle, and God really put me here for a reason, and that in itself makes me greatful, just thinking that God planned me and that he even thought of me?? wow what a piece of **** i have been to Him, and He still loves me? it's amazing, so i tell Him what i think He already knows, and i try to be honest with Him, and keep on keeping on. I hope you feel better and you are in my prayers.
p.s. easier said than done (lol)

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