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Norco 10 addiction

Aug 02, 2014 - 2 comments




being hooked on medication is the worst thing I'm so lonely yes I have my media family but everything else I separated from my life just like on drugs I stay in my room in my bed laying down have no energy to do nothing and when I do have energy is just as pretty much Tweek & clean up the house, up and down with my moods,  everything hurts my legs my ankle my wrist my hands my fingers my neck my back I know its from the pills how do I break free from this prison I put myself in,when did I lose the real me and become this person I don't like ,I know what happened slowly and I know I made many excuses but I can no longer hide behind the lies this life is not what I want I need myself back I'm a wonderful person with a great personality and recently it's harder and harder to see that in myself . Please help positive or negative advice is welcome all I'm looking for is the truth

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by long2bfixed, Aug 02, 2014
I'm in the same situation, but I can't clean or else I am in very, very real pain. It's a necessary evil for me at this point, but I started to abuse them when I started to be treated so badly. My heart goes out to you bigtime. I understand. I haven't even had an online community because I trusted the wrong people and was hurt so badly, and it's taken me over 2 years to have the courage to come back (it was not here).
I have come to learn it is typically the sensitive, wonderful people that choose to numb themselves. I can tell you want so much more for yourself, and struggle with this.
Have you heard of suboxone???

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by LBL36, Aug 02, 2014
No I never heard of it but will look into it, it's nice to know there's other people out there struggling with the same conditions it gets really lonely no one understand what the pain is like no one understands how  the addiction can take over,little by little you can see yourself in that way, no matter how many lies I tell myself I know what the truth is I'm determined to fight this out.What the doctors don't tell you is it will help the pain but little by little you'll get hooked and when you're ready to quit you can't I'm going to go to detox pretty soon I'm getting on the list to go,I'm just really afraid I dont want to fill the they say whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger I been through a lot of fights and always overcome them this is just another hill I gotta pass,I send my prayers out to you as well maybe with a friend by our side we can overcome this terrible disease no one understands how much of a sickness it really is and can become

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