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just cut the grass -->  BP was not high

Aug 25, 2009 - 2 comments

it's 80+ degrees, sunny, and as usual I cut the grass quickly (8-20-09). Also as usual, I seem to have more SOB than I should (virus in the lungs?)

Afterward, in the house, though perspiring and feeling hot, my temp is still only 97.9

After a few minutes, I walk upstairs then sit down to immediately take my BP. I do *not* sit for 5 minutes to catch my breath, etc.

Surprisingly, my BP is 119/93. That good systolic reading must be from the exercise induced vasodilation. Pulse was 131, though.

Yesterday's BP, sitting, no exertion, was around 125/85, pulse 75 or so

[edit: I duplicated the setting about a week later but had no similar problem reaction... maybe just a tiny bit]

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by Me967, Aug 25, 2009
Hi.  Just curious; but, have you had your thyroid levels checked lately?  It can bring down your temp and can also lower your BP and Pulse.  
I'm sorry I've never understood the virus you have.  I hope it clears up soon for you.  ;-(

While cutting grass, gardening or doing hard outside work my BP and Pulse always shoots really high though, so I'm not any help there.  I also push myself hard outside; but, I have to take breaks to get my breath and let my heart slow down some.  Then again I'm probably more out of shape than you are.  LOL  

I hope you feel better soon.  ;~)

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by NTB, Aug 25, 2009
hi, Amy, thanks for writing. I don't have any health insurance, so I have had no tests. People on this site who were similar to me have had tons of tests, but came up with no answers...

But I never had the weight gain or other symptoms associated with hypothyoid. That's not proof of anything, though.

I hope you might be getting better soon, too :)

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