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CD 14 ultrasound

Aug 25, 2009 - 1 comments

My u/s sound went great!  I went in optimistic but expecting the worst and there they were!  This month I took 100mg of clomid and I produced one follicle on each side.  The right side was the bigger one, 14.9, which is good because when I had my HSG my left side was blocked.  I am just so excited!  DH and I have talked and I think we are going to not do IUI this month and hope that timed bd'ing will work.  I currently have the digital monitor that I check for ovulation but I went and bought some of the smiley face ovulation tests.  I do not want to miss my surge.  Once I get my surge I will take the shot of ovidrel.  Just a few more days!!!

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by sbumblebeeo, Aug 26, 2009
Lots of LUCK!  I really hope that it works for you.  This is just the news I was waiting for.  Just remember, you got pregnant and you will again.  


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