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New Life...

Aug 05, 2014 - 4 comments

As I approach my FIRST ever clean time of 60 days off any opiate/narcotic, I reflect. I remember coming on this site trying to get through the night without a vicodin and a year later, I was a heroin addict.

So..the main thing I hate is the substituting of the narcotic addiction for something else...and I know that cycle will NEVER completely stop...I guess as long as its positive its ok..but still. I just wish I could live and let the person that's "easily amused".

I work hard at even amusing myself these days...boredom after heroin or whatever is the killer. But, it's my full-time job and I continue...

The universe is something has amazed me since getting off this ****..what magic there is..and yes degenerate behavior. I see clear. I just turned 33..gotta DREAM ON....

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by Nighthawk61, Aug 05, 2014
When i think back to my 33 i was in the thick of it.. so cheers to you for raising your bottom girl, you're missing nothing more than degenerate behavior yourself going back
is it time to be part of the solution for you? i pray so Starshine
get out while your ahead and really in it
with your best years ahead of you
if you're bored, then add a skill to your resume
it's like money in the bank
as oppose to a serious sieve where your authentic life slips by
Congratulations on your 60+ days Starshine7  NH

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by VICourageous, Aug 05, 2014
I DITTO what Nighthawk had said..I am so proud of YOU..I MIGHT not have been able to do this at that age...BUT do not wait until more damage is done or you have a BIG wake up call either..Get out now is so right!! lol

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by starshine7, Aug 05, 2014
Thank you...I feel so happy to hear from you guys the encouragement, especially about my age! lol Well, we ALL have a rock bottom..and I know my o/d in feb was part of it, but 2 months ago, I was SO suicidal and had NOTHING...lost EVERYTHING...that I Know that was my rock bottom...

Peace and love~by the grace of god we go....

1551327 tn?1514045867
by Bubulous, Aug 06, 2014
I'm really amazed and proud of you.  How far you have come my friend.  It is amazing what it feels like when you actually feel again and I hope you never lose that sense of wonder because this world has more to offer than we could ever need.  Sometimes you just have to look harder.

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