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So You Want To Be Famous.....

Aug 06, 2014 - 3 comments







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Every morning when I log into yahoo to check my messages,
over on the right side of the main page is a list of 10 or 12
things that are 'Trending' in the world.  
I started thinking how come the only things trending are the movie/internet/TV stars?

As a huge science geek, of course I took it to Scientific American and searched for articles on
this subject. Got some answers I was looking for and just thought I would pass them on.

"In 2012, a study found that a desire for fame solely for the sake of being famous
was the most popular future goal among a group of 10-12 year olds,
overshadowing hopes for financial success, achievement, and a sense of community.
Which raises the question: Why do people want to be famous?

There are six major reasons why people seek fame:
◦Intensity (e.g., “Very little matters to me apart from being famous”)
◦Vulnerability (e.g., “I want to be famous to help me overcome issues I have about myself”)
◦Celebrity Life-Style (e.g., “I want to be rich”)
◦Drive (e.g., “I work hard everyday to be famous”)
◦Perceived Suitability (e.g., “I have got what it takes to be famous”)
◦Altruistic (e.g., “I want to be famous so I can make a contribution to society”)

The predominant motivations for fame involved a perceived suitability
and intensity for a celebrity life-style. Unsurprisingly, those motivations
were most strongly related to narcissism. In contrast, people who were more agreeable
and securely attached tended to be more motivated by altruistic interests,
and conscientious folks tended to be more motivated by drive."

From my own research, I have found that the lower a persons self esteem is,
the higher the wish to be famous, almost like a backwards way or pseudo way
to get higher self esteem. What is important to remember is that self esteem
does not come from out there somewhere and cannot be 'caught' or 'captured'
or funneled into yourself.  

Self-esteem answers the question, “How do I feel about who I am?”
We learn self-esteem in our family of origin; we do not inherit it.

Low self-esteem is a negative evaluation of oneself.
This type of evaluation usually occurs when some circumstance we encounter
in our life touches on our sensitivities. We personalize the incident
and experience physical, emotional, and cognitive arousal.
This is so alarming and confusing that we respond by acting in a self-defeating
or self-destructive manner. When that happens, our actions tend to be automatic
and impulse-driven; we feel upset or emotionally blocked; our thinking narrows;
our self-care deteriorates; we lose our sense of self;
we focus on being in control and become self-absorbed.

Global self-esteem is not set in stone.
Raising it is possible, but not easy.
Global self-esteem grows as we face our fears and learn from our experiences.
Some of this work may require the aid of a psychotherapist.


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139792 tn?1498585650
by Dalubaba, Aug 06, 2014
Quite heavy one. requires lot of efforts in understanding mechanism of response and reaction.Response will be from self esteem and reaction will be from much lower self esteem.

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by weaver71, Aug 06, 2014
I love this. It seems to me that most motivation is skewed by the statement, "if only I..." If only I were famous, I could make a huge difference in the world, people would respect me, my voice would matter, etc... I see this as a scale goat to prevent action and validate doing nothing, especially anything that might cause the individual to make a sacrifice of some kind. The fame is a distraction and an excuse. The very thought that one doesn't have what it takes, due to lack of fame is powerful. The very thought is the problem and explains why we are defeated, we don't have what they do. Famous people die from drugs, get depressed and commit suicide, they have possibly more obsticles than the average Joe, people have much higher expectations of famous people, more judgement too. The Pharisees said, "nothing good can come out of Galilea, good thing Jesus didn't buy into that defeatist mentality. One positive thought and a small action accomplishes way more than one desire and pure intention that leads to no action. Anyway, I love this idea and appreciate your inquisitive mind. Keep this research up and you may end up famous, but you are already a good person, so only the number of people who know will change.

139792 tn?1498585650
by Dalubaba, Nov 18, 2014
We jump from place to place to search some thing new and ignore which is available just in the neighborhood.There are pearls available in journal entries. There is one feature of information in our profile page, INFORMATION. It contains summary on many disorders.This journal can be a great book on Knowing Self.Yes we are progressing , may be slowly, but surely.

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