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Emotional Rollercoaster Day

May 24, 2008 - 0 comments

Today has been a strange day. I was fine this morning, and I think I got plenty of sleep last night.
Early this morning, I played with Levi and read books and felt perfectly fine.
2 hours later I was reading a magazine and after finishing an article I stood up to go get something to eat. All of a sudden I was feeling dizzy and just had and overall "yucky" feeling.

After eating some ice cream I felt a little better, so I assumed it was my blood sugar causing me to feel yucky.
I was able to get some cleaning done and later went out to eat with my dh and Levi.

Now, since we've been home, I feel bad again. I'm dying to take a nap, but unfortunately don't have that luxury right now.

And to make things worse, I began to feel upset with the fact that Levi won't eat normally again. I try so hard to let his delays not get the best of me, but some days are just really hard. I get so frustrated when he won't even hold a banana puff in his OWN hand and feed it to himself. I mean, he JUST started eating them last week, so I should just be grateful that he's even eating anything with texture to it. But now I'm having to "train" my 13 month old to hold a piece of food and literally put it into his own mouth.  Every time I hold a puff up and ask him if he wants a "bite" he opens his mouth waiting for me to put it in. I have to put the puff between his fingers and move his hand toward his mouth. He usually lets go and I have to then pick it up from his lap and try again, most of the time with my fingers really holding it for him.
I'm so frustrated!
Our appt isn't until June 26th, so until then I just have to cope with everything and have all of the questions swirling around in my mind. Questions I will have no answers to until he has been evaluated.

I'm just sad today for some reason. I guess I'm feeling a little hopeless.

I know tomorrow is a new day, and that I'm sure I'll feel better. Therefore, sleep can't come fast enough tonight.

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