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Still dont know what to do!!

Aug 26, 2009 - 1 comments

It could be acid reflrex look up the symptoms ...

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by mytoto24, Sep 15, 2009
I guess every one has something different ..I found this Please read maybe this is you case

First I am a 22 year old guy in a nursing school. My first semester was fine and didnt have any issues with my course mates, had the freshest breath and could even talk face to face with students and tuitors without any problem for hours but then toward the end of the semester i started to develope bad breath even after I have brushed my teeth. It was so annoying that I will brush my teeth for 3 minutes and immediately i get to school and start a conversation people will start moving backwards or holding their nose. I was really worry about that because with a nice tic tac the problem will be solved and I will be back with fresh breath. Then I took a zoloft for depression and some antibiotic for the bad breath hoping to cure it but rather aggravated the issue. The stinky breath started eminating from my nose which made life a hell for me. I didnt no how bad it was but I could smell a whole room. As soon as I entered the class people will start coughing, holding their noses, breathing very hard that i could here. Then nobody wanted to sit beside me in class and I mean it was very heartbreaking. I believed the same people I had fun with during the first semester probably were saying this guy doesnt brush his teeth or is not hygeinic whatever. I was very depressed to the point that I had to drop out from school because I couldnt take the emberassment no more, EVen at clinicals the nurse instead of showing me around and teaching me whats goes on in a real hospital will instead take my fellow students and leave me behingd. No nurse wanted to even get 3 feet to me. I had comtemplated sucide a couple times but I am the oldest son of my mom and she loves me so much that I coundnt imagine what she will go through after she finds me dead so I was still hoping for a cure. Before that I had tested positive for H pylori but my GP didnt no more about it so he prescribed to me a biaxin which I think aggravated the bad breath. I then went to see an ENT who said it was coming from my tonsils so I had a tonsilectomy which cost $8000 and still didnt have any cure. AT this point I had droped out of school, getting ready to quit my work and totally isolated from the society and spent over $9000 to cure the problem. One day was searching the internet for courses of bad breath and I came across H pylori as a culprit so I visited a gastroenterologist, had another H pylori test, tested positive again and I was prescribed PREVPAC AND PRILOSEC which I was suppose to take for aout 16 days. After taking the medication for about 5 days I started seeing some improvement on my breath. On the sixth day I went to work had a full conversation with out any reactions and the people who use to give me those reaction even got closer to my face and started talking to me like before I had the problem. Finally I have the cure and I think reason why most people dont get cured early is because the doctors dont know the real cause of the bad breath. If my GP had prescribed the right medication for me when I first tested positve for H pylori I will still be in school by now trying to complete my nursing degree but instead I dropped out leaving an impression to my fellow classmates and tuitors like am some stinky boy who stinks up the whole class and now he is gone we are much better off but that is life I have registered with another school and hoping to go back to school in April

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