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At the hospital being induced!!!

Aug 26, 2009 - 21 comments


Just wanted to let you all know that I am in L&D! Yesterday I went for my prenatal visit and my BP was elevated...I was sent for blood work and told to go home and if my headache returned or I begun to have vision issues to call the doc. Well this morning, I was having really bad headaches and start seeing black spots so I called my doc and was told to go into OB triage. When I arrived, my BP was 150/108 so I was told that I was being admitted and induced...I have downgraded to a 1/2 cm :-( so I was given Citradel (sp?) to ripen my cervix and will be checked again at 5am...if there is no progress, I will be given pitocin...sooooo hopefully by this time tomorrow I will officially be a mommy!! Pray for me ladies...I am nervous!

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419158 tn?1316571604
by blueeyedtabbycat, Aug 26, 2009
Yeah!! I hope it is quick for you!! I was given pitocine with Taylor because my labor basicly stopped after I had an epidural. It got things going for me after a few hours. I hope your little angel cooperates and you get to meet her soon!!! Keep us updated if you can:) Hugs!!

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by JoyRenee, Aug 26, 2009
I think it's called Cervidal. ;-)

Good luck!

280369 tn?1316702041
by chantal21, Aug 26, 2009
Hope all goes well!! =)

300926 tn?1253582516
by prayin4baby, Aug 26, 2009
Wow...I am soooo happy for you.  I pray all goes well and Makayla will be born in this world healthy and strong!  God is watching over the both of you....Good luck~

574521 tn?1313495146
by GUESITO, Aug 27, 2009
We are all praying for you!!! Everything will be ok and cant wait to see pics of Makayla. Please update asap!!!

644974 tn?1312758070
by bimbicat7, Aug 27, 2009
praying for you xx

392430 tn?1382904781
by kele1129, Aug 27, 2009
T-It will be amazing! Don't be nervous, just concentrate on being the wonderful Mommy that you are going to be. I hope to see beautiful pics of your sweet girl when I get back from my family visit. (((hug)))

165701 tn?1342627584
by anxious2, Aug 27, 2009
I pray for a wonderful delivery and a healthy baby.  Your miracle is on her way and you will be blessed.  Keep us updated!

216278 tn?1308861082
by wanting4#1, Aug 27, 2009
Sending lots and lots and lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way.  Wishing for a speedy and smooth delivery!  Can't wait to see pictures of your princess ;)

102073 tn?1309549099
by Keyan, Aug 27, 2009
I am praying for a safe delivery and a healthy mommy and baby. Can't wait for you update!!

99457 tn?1321878677
by therese101, Aug 27, 2009
good luck i hope all goes well!

715930 tn?1338722436
by lmc2132, Aug 27, 2009
Good luck!  Yay baby!


768015 tn?1333652075
by Nini2686, Aug 27, 2009
Good Luck!!

439903 tn?1380137882
by Asking4aMiracle, Aug 27, 2009
Thinking and Praying for you T.... Yay, cant wait to "meet" Makayla...oh im jealous!!!! But still Love you girl!! ((HUGS))

458090 tn?1256321162
by sasparilla, Aug 28, 2009
OMG OMG.. Your baby is coming!!!!  I am so thrilled for you and how exciting!  Im glad they caught your BP issue and its time for your little girl!!!!


Easy Labor Vibes!!!!

300926 tn?1253582516
by prayin4baby, Aug 28, 2009
Baby yet?

439903 tn?1380137882
by Asking4aMiracle, Aug 28, 2009
SHE HERE!!!! i got a text this morning at 12:57. She had to have a c-section and at that time she sent it, her bp was still out of control, up and down and thats all she sent but Makayla has arrived!!

294043 tn?1354207946
by Helen72, Aug 28, 2009

256553 tn?1258883918
by FaithNHim, Aug 28, 2009
Congratulations Tijuana......don't forget to tell Michael about the pics.

392430 tn?1382904781
by kele1129, Aug 28, 2009

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by tip1212, Aug 03, 2010
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