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birds and the bee's at 6? Funny

Aug 07, 2014 - 2 comments

So my 6 year old was examining herself I guess and told me her vagina was cut.  I asked for her to show me and she showed me her (how embarrassing what is it called?  her birthing hole lol) anyway I said it is not cut that is just how it is.  She asked why it was "cut"  I said that is the hole that babies come out of.  She thought about that for a while and then said mommy I'm scared.  I said about what?  About having babies.  I said there is nothing to be scared of and she said but the hole is soooo small!!! hahahaha....  Well I told her it grows just like your body grows.  No need to tell her it doesn't grow enough for a baby to come out of!

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by mhv, Aug 07, 2014
Oh my!!  Well done mom!!! :)

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by ribaby15, Feb 09, 2015
LOL. I know this is an old post, but hilarious. my daughter just turned 5 in January and she legitimately CRIES when she thinks about having a 'baby in her tummy' and keeps stressing to me how she doesn't want one, lol.

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