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God always provides what we need.  i found a book titled "31 Days of Praise"  The followin is a quote from the book.  I found it to be just what I needed to hear.  Hopefully somone else will find it helpful."Why should you give praise and thanks in the midst of trials?" C H Welch responded with the following.  

"The Lord may not definitely have planned that this should over take me, but He has certainly permitted it.   Therefore though it were an attackof an enemy , by the time it reaches me , it has the Lord's permission and therefore all is well.
He will make it work together with all life's experiences for good.

This really hit home with me and has helped me begin develpoing an anticipation of my Lord's choice of how he will utilize my trials to his benefit.  This whole book is filled with fantastic description of how we can praise him regardless of circumstances.

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by April2, Aug 29, 2009
Wow, I will have to check out that book. Thanks for sharing. Trials are so hard to go through but I know that's when our faith grows and stretches and He teaches us so much through those times. I don't think any of us could go through tough times without prayer, though. That's why we all need each other. God bless you and thanks so much for sharing!

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by stubby226, Aug 30, 2009
I love books like this.  I pick them up at second hand stores.  I really enjoyed a book called Lod O my Rocking Boat.  Just a small paper back but so right on.  I loaned it out and the person lost it.  I will keep looking for another one.  Even as my trials seem to grow day by day I am so lucky to know my Lrd and have family and friends to turn to.  This site was a real answer to prayer. I may nrvrt grt to know people but it helps to read all the positive things and know oters are praying for mr.  God Bless and rake care.

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by boldsojah4christ, Aug 30, 2009
Iron sharpens iron!

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