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HGH - weight loss solution?

Aug 27, 2009 - 32 comments





hgh weight loss


Weight Loss

I’ve been getting a lot of posts recently about using Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for weight loss, and decided it was about time I explained my position.  Basically, I don’t recommend it.  Why not?  For those of you less familiar, let’s break it down.  

1) What is HGH?  Human Growth Hormone is a hormone normally produced by the brain’s pituitary gland.  Its purpose is to stimulate growth and cell reproduction.  For this reason, levels are higher in adolescence, and peak during your twenties.  By the time you hit your forties, levels are in a decline.

2) How is HGH administered?  Because it is a large molecule, it has to be injected, either subcutaneously (like insulin) or directly into the muscle.  It is usually given once a week.

3) Who gets HGH?   Generally, people deficient in HGH (usually kids, sometimes adults), people with short stature, and people who may be undergoing organ transplantation or who have muscle wasting conditions like advanced HIV.

So why are people requesting HGH for weight loss?  While there is a lot of controversy around it, there are some small studies that indicate that HGH administration can be associated with changes in body composition (i.e. less fat, more muscle).  But these changes aren’t terribly significant – just a few pounds in either direction.  Interestingly, these studies suggest that there’s not a significant improvement in fitness or muscle strength, leading some people to believe that HGH just results in more water being stored in muscles.  But this hasn’t stopped some athletes from using it, despite the absence of good data to suggest that it significantly improves performance.

So why don’t I recommend it?  First of all, it’s poorly regulated.  HGH straddles the line between “supplement” and “medication,” and many people will search for it online, without having confidence that what they are receiving is sterile, pure, or uncontaminated.  Second, medications like this really do need to be given under a reasonable doctor’s care.   I stress the word “reasonable.”  Remember, just because a doctor is prescribing something doesn’t mean that it’s medically appropriate or the doctor has enough experience to prescribe it safely.  Recent news about potent anesthetics being prescribed to Michael Jackson brings this point to light.  And finally?  Side effects.  Because HGH has not been well studied in the longer term in healthy individuals without deficiency or other medical indications, we just don’t know what will happen if you take it.  There are reports of increased risk of diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint problems, and possibly heart disease.

In the end, HGH – like many supplements – is being used by people as a substitute for making lifestyle changes.  You can argue that doctors do this all the time. We place people on blood pressure medications and cholesterol medicine when the combination of diet and exercise just doesn’t cut it.  But we also have data that shows that reducing blood pressure and cholesterol with drugs actually reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes and makes people live longer.  HGH?  Not so much.  Until further studies are done, I recommend that you get your HGH the old-fashioned way – it turns out that exercise and sleep stimulate higher levels…and are also associated with weight loss.  

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by SIANNE88, Aug 29, 2009
i need advise on sun rash plz

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by Jaquta, Aug 29, 2009
You might find more info on a dermatology forum.

Thanks for this blog entry.  Hopefully it will clarify aspects for members (and perhaps even point them in the right direction -which I consider to be lifestyle changes through diet and exercise).

"Reasonable care" raises a lot of questions.  I personally as a patient (not a patient receiving HGH) would expect my doctor to be aware of his limitations and I would also expect him to be able to assert himself if inappropriate or contraindicated treatment was sought.
I expect every doctor at some point in time has crossed that 'reasonable care' boundary.  

I was just wondering.  As life is a process or journey, is it not reasonable that patients who opt for HGH to lose weight be allowed to experience this and learn from it?  Sometimes it is only through making mistakes that we grow and develop as individuals.  Do you think we would reach that point of enlightenment sooner if a doctor stood up to us and said no?  How can doctor's help us accept the reality that is it us who need to make concrete lifestyle changes?

The reality these days is that too much pressure is placed on doctors and most are happy to medicate to save time, money and effort.  There are still some exceptional doctors out there though who are prepared to do the hard graft.


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by Jaquta, Sep 17, 2009
Sorry for being so opinionated.  I hope my comments didn't affect others willingness to voice their thoughts and feelings on this, and other, issues.

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by paulaqqq, Oct 07, 2009
I use the Dr. Max Powers HGH Spray  - It works perfectly - just a warning that it takes about 5-7 days to really feel the effects (with the best effects coming on at about the 3 week and beyond). I found that the product works wonders with only 2 sprays twice per day (morning and evening) on a 12 week cycle (1-2 weeks off after this to allow your body to rebound and rest a little) - but your mileage may vary. ;o)

Personally, I do very intense weight training 3 times per week (Chest/Biceps, Back/Triceps, Legs/Shoulders - combined with cardio) and this has helped immensely in gaining strength in both concentric and eccentric lifts, over muscle growth (hypertrophy), and fast loss (works wonders for this). It also has many other good effects like increased vitality, increased skin elasticity and "glow", increased mental concentration, increased sex drive, etc. etc. - all the things we associate with "Youth". Basically, this product as close to real prescribed hGH that you can buy without a prescription.

I have tried other HGH sprays - not crazy about them, but i recommend the Dr. Max Powers . . you can find them at www.drmaxpowers.com

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by alexgray11, Nov 25, 2009
HGH (Human Growth Hormone) or China HGHis the most plentiful hormone created by the pituitary gland found in the middle of the brain of humans. This pituitary gland emits human growth hormone, and that assists in a diverse number of health functions within the human body.

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by carlhope, Dec 14, 2009
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by nightowl77, Mar 23, 2010
I understand why this is controversial since there are clinical studies that have shown that it is not particular helpful compared to a very low-calorie diet, but I would like to point out that HGH is NOT the same as HCG! HGH is Human Growth Hormone and HCG is Human Chorionic Gondatropin.
I have minimal understanding of biochemistry, but this is what wikipedia has to say about HCG:
Also, Dr. Simeons' manuscript, "Pounds to Inches" explains his experimentation with HCG, and he seemed to seemed to see great results in his rigorous program. I've also seen lots of posts from people who claim it has helped them significantly.
Again, I'm not advocating or opposing this diet program, I just think that we should be discussing the right hormone!

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by James G Beckerman, M.D.Blank, Mar 23, 2010
You are absolutely right - many people confuse the two.  I recommend neither!  I'm curious to see what people's experience with HCG is after stopping the unhealthy 500 calorie a day diet that is often recommended along with it!

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by nurseKara, Mar 24, 2010
I totally agree with Dr. Beckerman. A 500 calorie/day diet is not healthy nor natural and neither is taking HCG by injection, orally, or any other way.

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by Bigfatty, May 02, 2010
But Dr. I have trouble keeping weight off. Last October I began using HCG oral drops. I lost 30 lbs! Kept that weight off In January I dropped another 20 lbs but gained it ALL back after a back injury ( another excuse). Now I can't walk across the yard without huffing and puffing because my heart is constricting my blood flow and oxygen level.. I need to reduce the size of my heart!  Just looking, exploring for ideas on weight loss that wont help my heart KILLL me!

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by dax0007, May 06, 2010
HGH is very interesting subject and I must agree with the Doctor in its usage. There may not be allot
of scientific proof about it but people are using HGH with anabolic steriods for a clear cut reason BECAUSE IT WORKS!
There is risk with about anything you take especially cardiac meds.. But hey look what did Sly stalone get busted for in Austraila?? Its was HGH.. GOoogle it!  I am sure Sly only gets the best stuff

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by Kathlean, Jun 09, 2010
I know that a 500 calorie diet sounds unhealthy, but the reason HCG works is because your body burn the stored fat in your body to get the extra calories you need for the day.  And you can keep the weight off if you follow protocol.  It's not just about rapid weight loss, it's about changing your habits and how your body reacts to food.  You can't just do the HCG diet and then go back to eating like you did prior, just like with any diet. I recently started the protocol (today's me second day of the very low calorie diet) and I've lost 4.5 pounds and I feel pretty good.  I got started on HCG thru my friend.  She, like me, is significantly overweight.  She's been doing the diet since January and has lost over 85 pounds and she's still going strong!  My advice to anyone interested is to do the research, read Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeon, and really make sure it's something you can commit to and do properly.  Unless you are actually on HCG and following protocol, a 500 calorie diet is dangerous.  It's not a miracle diet, it's not a fad.  It is hard work and it means major life style changes.  HCG and HGH are not the same thing!

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by jennifermontemayor76, Jun 25, 2010
I am taking HCH ingections for 42 days 500 cal diet I have the HGH Extreme spray I purchased from Health solutions which has 10% USP Ethanol. I am also taking Aderal 30 ml a day for my ADD.

Can I take this while on my HCG diet?

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by jennifermontemayor76, Jun 25, 2010
I have done the HCG diet and lost 38lbs I feel healthy and not at all fatigue. I lost bad fat not good. It also helped me from fried foods I hate them now thanks to the HCG diet. People shouldnt debunk it as you do get 2500 cal from the HCG injections. There are so many people I know who have tried it and never have I ever heard of anyone getting sick on this plan. Its all about the FDA the food administration and Pharmacys who are making us fat. They all work together.

The unhealthy foods we eat make us fat with health problems related to that which puts us in hospitals then puts us on medication which makes us more sick. So if you really look at it Food makes us fat (depending on what you eat) exp. Fast food, then we get sick have to see a Dr. who of course gets paid then medication which we have to pay for then we get sick off of that as well. There we are a never ending battle of sickness so who wins? The FOOD admin, Drs, and Pharmacies. There goes all our money. People just need to learn to eat right. Stay away from fast food! Why would you want to eat a french fry that can sit out for years and look the same? Organic is healthy. Go to mom and pop restruants the ones that are not franchized. All their food is fresh and not processed for the most part.

HCG is wonderful and works wonders if you use it right. Novarel works for me.

I am healthy and feel great its the $ everyone is after. Even those gimics about weight loss pills HA! they are again steeling peoples money and making you again SICK!

Good Luck!!! And eat healthy

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by adhyaru, Sep 06, 2010
After substantially long period of time I am witnessing a brilliant doctor advising to go natural ways -  James G Beckerman, M.D... I completely agree with whatever  James G Beckerman, M.D has to say about HCG and/or HGH - let the body sustain its endogenous production levels - exogenous supplementation (/medication) may only increase the chances of adverse effects against whatsoever short-term benefit it may possible offer!

Long-live Naturalism!

Parth Adhyaru
Fitness Expert

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by lolawhite911, Sep 16, 2010
I appreciate everyones comments and view points on this forum- If you can lose weight naturally by eating healthy and exercising; great KUDOS but not everyone can.

I have been heavy all my life not severely obese but 35lbs consistently overweight.
My first thought was maybe thyroid,metabolism,tape worm lol .......................so many excuses and reasons why I'm overweight; is it really fare that my family genes predict who I am and what i become in society... Is it really fare that I cant have a fighting chance because of the way I was raised. Culture has a big play on our eating habits- sad to say America is # 1 for Obesity And diseases related to being overweight; the body cant handle the stress, free radicals, or build up of abnormal stored fat that is a result of toxemia or waste.  yes backed up waste can't be healthy in your body. Just stating facts. It's about learning about the body and listening to your own being in tune. If noone is there to teach you or show you or educate you; this will never be fully understood. I never had this chance and being 5ft I'm told my weight should be about 105-115lb and i was pushing 160- 2yrs ago. To hear the words you are obese by my Dr. threw me back at 22. I had to do something. Exercised hate right Diet programs- Atkins, South Beach, Nutri system so many counting point weight watchers.  Nothing got rid of cravings for sweets,carbs, or foods.  Im mean i dont get hungry just intense cravings. THat was a major problem my family ate at night. Early morning steak eggs pork bacon- cheeses breads in one sitting
Now I know thats not the proper way my weight distribution was weirds all lower half mostly of course arms and face.

But hips and thighs grossly abnormal- I got tired of hearing it looks good on you; flaunt what god gave you- God didnt intend for anyone to be fat. Thats a direct insult I feel. I did something about it I did the program with Your fatloss Coach and I'm happy to say at age 25 just married to this day 4months ago i am 114 lbs-
Diets are temporary you need to correct the underlying cause a malfunction hypothalmus gland- the brain of all brains. controls appetite, weight distribution and metablism.

for my honeymoon first time in my life to wear a two piece and be comfortable inside and outside my skin.

Im going for training now - and gonna get certifited with the ISSN- for sports nutrition, I have a career field that I love and desire all others to know the quality of life that is out there.... Advice have blood work checked prior to HCG- cleanses a must, water, and eat healthy. Your releasing abnormal fat thats the purpose of the HCG a second chance at a You I deserve thats what this program did for me. see before pic.  

"Be the change you want to see in yourselves"  Sama Health and Wellness   Aventura, FL

Yourfatlosscoach.com  - Lola White

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by BebeLock, Feb 15, 2011
Okay I understand its not FDA approve, but come on most diet pills are not! And lets really think about this.... How may times can you remember FDA saying yeah it's fine and then years later there saying well wait it's not it's not okay! Stop taking it NOW! lolawhite911 is so right! And I also seem to have tried it all and never ending in keeping the lbs off. Those that just say eat right and exercising it work! Really makes me want to scream. It's not easy and lets face it if it was, we wouldn't be chatting about it now. And the weight loss market wouldn't be a Billion $$ Business. And I would be trying to figure out what the right HCG diet is the right one there a lot listed on the web!

Lost and wondering...

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by stillexhausted, Mar 02, 2011
What annoys me about the discussion above is the insinuated assumption that everyone has the luxury of time and money to implement major lifestyle changes. I don't get enough sleep because I have a 2 year old who doesn't sleep, I then have to work, and am far too tired to cook dinner, and wash up, let alone exercise.

I used to be effortlessly thin, because my healthy lifestyle and daily food made me that way. I never went to a gym, or even considered it, let alone take medications, because I never used a car. Unless you have a serious illness that affects your weight, you shouldn't need to "work out": normal everyday physical activity like walking or bicycling to the supermarket and work, cleaning the house, sweeping up leaves etc should be enough. Weight problems are largely a social issue: everybody drives everywhere and than have to compensate their lack of daily exercise somehow. Gyms and diet programs are designed to rob you of your time and money to compensate for a sick lifestyle, consisting of driving and eating ready made foods with heaps of hidden fats and sugars.

OBVIOUSLY a healthy lifestyle will make you slim and healthy. We don't need a medical professional to tell us this. But it isn't easy for everyone to implement. Such as in my current situation, not getting enough sleep to eat properly or cycle everywhere like I used to because I suffer from sleep deprivation which is beyond my control: since my son turned one I have gained 12 kg as a result of his keeping me up all night. So I find it insulting to be told, by a doctor nonetheless, who should realise that not everyone has the luxury to change their lives at will when a large portion of them is out of their control. What are you suggesting Dr? That I get rid of my 2 year old? Oh I'm sure I'd be getting plenty of sleep and exercise that way.

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by Foxes, Mar 02, 2011
I went on HCG diet because my internal medicine doctor wanted me to go on statins and I said "no thanks", if I "exercise and lose weight"  I will lose weight and get the cholesterol (& inflammation) under control. I already ate healthful foods such as flax seed, bulgar wheat, and steel cut oats. My cholesterol only averages 200 (fluctuates between 167 and 239). For me personally, it is more lack of fluid intake (state of dehydration) which causes Cholesterol spikes (& a lowered metabolic rate). Being "overweight" there was still inflammation. I wanted to lose weight to help cholesterol, inflammation and my joints. I went on HCG December 1 2010. After two weeks I was no longer Obese (BMI less than 30). After two months on HCG I lost 10% of my body weight. After three months on HCG diet...my BMI went from 30.6 to 26.6.  MY average weight loss was ONLY TWO pounds a week..(MEDICALLY SOUND). I ate the right foods...high protein food, (high in fiber and nutrition& low in sugar, fats) that were muscle conserving. I was placed in a state of ketosis...so as to lose fat to make up balance of caloric needs.

My personal physician HIMSELF went on HCG to lose weight...and did it successfully.
YES many physicians do suggest a modified diet above the 500 calories to 600 to 800 along with slight daily exercise and the HCG. REMEMBER the 500 calories is ONLY for short periods of time four to six weeks. Follwed by wieght maintenance. HCG goes from a strict 500 (or 800) calories to SLOWLY in a controlled fashion adding in foods and adopting new weight over MONTHS.  If you gain more than two pounds, you take immediate action. THUS THERE is a solid sound medical basis for using HCG..and it is SOUND to retain muscle which will continue to help the metabolic rate. And the diet is based on NORMAL food. It teaches you to eat lean means, avoid sugars, avoid fats, drink water, avoid many sugar substitutes that tend to make one hungry...and control the weight over time. I don't get all the idiotic comments from the misinformed.  My physician went on HCG. I went on HCG. It works. It has been working for over fifty years.
The benefit of HCG is a high protein Muscle sparing 500 calories. It is a specific food list for the 500 (or more) calories that is nutritionally sound... . I will not take statins. I will exercise, try to hydrate more...and will watch what I eat. I feel much smarter taking HCG for a short time than STATINS and getting liver enzyme function  tests for the rest of my life.
I weight less now...and it is better on my joints...so I am VERY HAPPY with my choice.


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by ladyaberlin, Mar 02, 2011
I'm a psychologist, so probably it should be the physician who tells everyone that HGH cannot be ingested - you just digest the hormone and it can't work.  It's different from many other medications that we are familiar with in this respect.  The spray . . . I'm not sure, but I would guess that it isn't biologically active if absorbed transdermally either.  Maybe it would also help if you tell everyone what Human Chorionic Gonadotropin actually is - what kind of biomarker it is.  Perhaps then people would realize how easy it is to be tricked by anyone trying to sell something that has a name that sounds fancy.  The medical establishment (and the psychological establishment) is in place for reasons other than to keep regular people finding inexpensive and effective treatments.  Seriously!  What our parents have told us all along is unfortunately true:  if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Even if it is "Eastern Medicine."  Genuine, pharmaceutical grade Human Growth Hormone should be extremely expensive.  If you are buying this without a prescription and you aren't paying an awful lot of money, then you probably aren't getting HGH (That's just my suspicion.  But it's pretty off the cuff, so I'm quite willing to hear from many of you that I'm completely wrong.)  If you are getting the real thing and you aren't sure you've gotten full disclosure on the risks, or you aren't taking it under the supervision of a physician, I would suggest that you read a few articles about Acromegaly.  As an endocrinology patient who hovers extremely close to the cutoff for Adult Human Growth Hormone Deficiency . . .  I am not the slightest bit tempted to try dosing myself with mail order stuff that claims to be HGH.  Between the potential problems with fraudulent "medicine," the challenges of appropriate lab studies to monitor treatment, and the risks associated with innappropriate dosing, not to mention the risk for bloodborne diseases depending on the source of the hormone if you're "lucky" enough to get something genuine (which isn't an issue with US manufactured HGH)  . . .  As I tell the inmates in the facility where I work, I'm not a reeeeeaaaal doctor, I only have a Ph.D., so I don't give medical advice.  This is just some of the stuff I've picked up from reading a whole bunch of articles about neurendocrinology; so I will leave it to Dr. Beckerman or any other medical professional to confirm or deny or (if they wish) expand on what I've alluded to here.  I will give behavioral advice:  please, please be careful, and please understand exactly what is meant by the phrase "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA."

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by Allyson_coro, Mar 07, 2011
I have been on the hcg drop for 2 wk and not doing the 500 cal diet but a low card diet and low calorie & averging 1000 cals to 1200 calories aday and i lost 12 pounds. My weight was 210 and now 198. in 2007 i was 314 pounds and had the gastic bypass. That very dangerous and i only lost 75 pound then i excerise like a bad woman and lost to 169. But i was do it like the bigs loser 5 to 7 hours aday! Crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! I burned out big time! 1 years of that my body couldnt take it! So i slow down and exercised daily 1 hr but i was burned out! I stop execising for 9 month and i gained from 169 to 210. I going to exercise again but start out slowly. Like walking!! I had no energy when i gain this weight and hungery all the time. My body can eat just as much food as before the gastic bypass and sugar again. After i put sugar and more food in my diet i gain weight and i was eating 2500 a day. I felt tied and didnt wait to exercise! Now on the Hcg drop I lost some weight and i have more energy and my size 16 jeans didnt fix me two wks ago now fix! I think i will start exercising next wk and 30 mins every other all!  The real reason im doing the hcg drop is that even though i dont weight 314 any more im 38 going on 39 in may and i have unactive thiroid and this drops should help and i have alot of fat still on my body . I also have cellulite on my legs and upper stomach it never left when i was 169 and excercise my butt off! The hanging skin will never go away unless i have surgry the  Dr.s tell me but i dont have money to remove the skin or suck out the fat! So i tried every diet and i had weight lose surgery and I think that Trying the HCG cant be as bad as the gastic bypass.  If i see that my cellulite malts away i will let you all know. Oh one more thing my urine keto is in th high range of moderate & large.  That tells me the fat is burning. And no i dont have a UTI!! LOL. I will keep you all informed

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by Barb135, Mar 08, 2011
It seems that there are 2 different diets being discussed.  HGH and HCG are 2 different things.

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by QuakerOats, Mar 14, 2011
HGH is Human Growth Horomone.

HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

There is some evidence that HGH may be beneficial for use in the elderly. Evidence also suggests that there are many side effects. Some are life threatening.

There is no credible, peer reviewed evidence that HCG is an effective adjunct to a weight loss program.

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by jorjaj, Apr 04, 2011
i believe the only true way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more.

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by callmecougar313, Apr 04, 2011
  by  "call me cougar"

Two years ago I used the injectable HCG and lost 50 pounds with two "sessions." of 30 days each.  Needing to loose 50 more, I switched to the homeopathic drops and with two more sessions and lost another 50#'s- no difference at all.  among and between each modality, I experienced absolutely no side effects. My blood pressure normalied; no more huffing and puffing.   No more orthodedic problems, either.  Do I trust the FDA ??- not on your life.  I was (and am still)
over 60 years old and most people think I'm in my mid-40's.  I wear a sie 10, not a 24 any longer. And yes, my boyfriend is 35.  You have to have "won't power," but I have never seen it fail if you can follow the protocol.

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by octabird, May 29, 2011
I have seen the HCG diet work for many people. I have to honestly say that this doctor has not read Dr. Simeon's "Pounds to Inches" as many doctors haven't, but it doesn't stop them from having an opinion about it. I was very against the idea of it. After reading his manuscript, I understood the mechanisms at work. While I still wasn't interested in it for myself, I had a better understanding of why it worked and why it was a good fit for many other people.
All I can say is that anyone interested in the HCG diet MUST read Pounds to Inches first. And anyone giving medical advice about the HCG diet should read it too.

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by jasim2503, Nov 26, 2011
hi my weight is 297lb due to side effects of creatine - a health supplement. pls help what shuld i do

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by sidvicious204, Jan 26, 2012
I'm a 37 year old male and am very active. I play basketball 4-5 times a week so my activity is more cardio than weight lifting etc. I've been taking the HGH Spray from the Dr. Max Powers brand for about 5 months now and am very happy with the results. It has helped out with both my endurance and recovery. I'm just not as sore in the mornings anymore and I have a lot more energy when I'm out on the court. It has helped me regain some of the quickness/explosiveness all men lose in their late 30's. I've been playing hoops like this for years, so it isn't like I wasn't in shape all ready. This stuff is just giving me that extra boost to help hold off father-time.

I've also lost a few pounds since I've been taking it, which may be a benefit of the Dr Max HGH Spray itself or the fact that I'm running harder and for longer now and burning more calories that way. It's likely a combination of the two, which is great.

Not only is the product top notch, but I get the feeling that this is a company that takes a lot of pride in their products. It's just well represented, when you recieve your first bottle you'll see what I mean.

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by sakbar, Apr 11, 2012
Caloric Deficit = Weightloss (Basically, burn more calories than you take in)

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by russ1116, May 15, 2012
HGH works wonders for weight loss. People are brainwashed that it does not work, because it does. The molecule is too big, therefor the "sprays" are a scam and don't work. It MUST be injected. The FDA needs to approve this to cope with obesity disease!

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by vero2013, Mar 01, 2013
i need help i did 300 units in 3 days which is supposed to las 30 days iam scare what should i do i still have product since i got the 46 day supply

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by Mirliton, Aug 05, 2017
I was on 1-3ius for a month and lost 20 lbs.  I was also doing lite cardio daily (swimming, walking)   It also improves my mood, skin and hair.  It completely cured my insomnia.  

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